Saturday, 4 July 2020

The Best Sellers on Depop For Sustainable Style Wins

Sustainable shopping isn't always easy. In fact, it can be decidedly difficult. With fast fashion brands spending billions of pounds every year to entice us with their affordable clothes, quick trends and 'limited time' offers, staying on the sustainability straight-and-narrow can be a challenge. But it's one worth stepping up to.

The first thing to accept is that making the switch to slow fashion is a process. You might not get it right every time, and you might fall off the wagon in spectacular style more than once. But who can expect anything less from us mere mortals when our internet searches chase us around the internet with the persistence of a wasp? Have faith though. Fast fashion will only sting if you let it. You're in control of this one. 

One thing I've found really effective when it comes to resisting the pull of a transient trend or an ASOS spree is to head to Depop instead. Not only is Depop equally as fun to scroll, but it offers ten times the satisfaction when you find a piece you love. Not only this, but buying items second hand is far better for the planet than supporting big brands with dubious ethics and even more dubious sustainability credentials. The best way to make a statement against the bad practices we know are rife in the fashion industry is to simply say no to brands who are not doing enough.

I appreciate that Depop's wealth of sellers can be a little overwhelming at first glance. So to get you started on your journey to second hand enlightenment, here are a few of my favourite accounts. Next time you're tempted to cop a new outfit from a fast fashion brand for that party or event, check out some of these sellers instead. You might find something you love that suits your sense of style and has its own little history. You definitely won't find someone next to you on the tube the following week wearing the exact same thing.

Best for Wearable Everyday Vintage: @emphvintage

Best for Androgynous Basics: @sylkstore

Best for Characterful Vintage & Upcycled One-Offs: @soulandflare

Best for 70s/80s Statement Buys: @selenasshop

Best for 90s/00s Party Pieces: @miacotton

Best for Vintage & Reworked Basics: @theslowstore

Best for Vintage Sportswear: @tmcvintage

Best for Vintage With a Feminine Edge: @rcouture

Don't forget to check out my Depop whilst you're at it. You can find me @amymacee. Happy shopping!


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