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8 Sustainable Fashion Brands That Are Worth The Investment

It's no secret that the fashion industry is in need of a change up. Not only is the production of clothing extremely water-intensive, but it's also responsible for 1,715 million tones of CO2 emissions (and this is expected to increase 63% by 2030). That's a lot of CO2.

The good thing is: all is not lost and it's completely within our power to change the way we shop. There are countless incredible brands out there who are setting the standard for sustainable practices in the fashion industry, and proving that it's entirely possible to look pretty damn stylish whilst contributing to a healthier planet. These are the brands we need to shop, support, and amplify.

Here are some of my favourites, that have quality, craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability at their core. They might cost you a little extra, but for guiltless purchases that will make a difference I think it's worth the investment. Don't you?

Best for Sustainable Sneakers: Good News Shoes

Rather than replacing a battered pair of Vans or Converse with more Vans or Converse, upgrade to Good News Shoes instead. They recognise that 95% of the 20 billion pairs of shoes produced globally each year end up in landfill, so have committed to circular initiatives that challenge this wasteful cycle. Good News Shoes are made using bio-oil and recycled rubber from car tyres and old rubber shoes. They're also non-toxic and built to last, so you won't need to replace them in a hurry.

Best for Minimalists with a Conscience: Henri

Henri is an independent brand launched in Hackney in 2016, with all the pieces designed and cut by Henrietta herself. She uses organic cotton and hand woven fabrics to create well-tailored, comfortable and wearable staples. The suppliers Henri works with are leading the way in decentralised production, meaning local weaving villages and disadvantaged women are supported to work in this highly skilled trade and find meaningful employment. There are some real winners in Henri's collection (I particularly love the cord over shirts). Most importantly, they come from a local, ethical and socially responsible brand created by one talented lady.

Best for Bags That Won't Break Us: Greater Goods 

Greater Goods is a London based design project dedicated to sustainability and upcycling. They use reclaimed materials to show the importance of recycling in the current climate. From practical totes made from damaged North Face jackets, to bottle bags made from Gore-Tex offcuts, Greater Goods is making upcycling and recycling as cool as it can get.

Best for Sustainable Statement Pieces: House of Sunny

House of Sunny is an independent label founded by Sunny Williams in 2011, which produces small sustainable runs of killer collections, acting against fast fashion. Producing two seasonal collections a year sets the design team at a slower pace, allowing them to research and source sustainable fabrics and manufacturing methods.

The team are also making an effort to reduce waste by using leftover materials and garment waste to create accessories, care labels and swing tags. House of Sunny miraculously delivers style, quality and sustainability, without compromising on affordability. If you're looking to make a sustainable statement, you need look no further. I'm incredibly keen to get my hands on that green teddy pullover.

Best for Do-Good Denim: E.L.V. Denim

E.L.V. Denim is an innovative zero-waste brand, taking stocks of discarded denim that would otherwise be destined for landfill, and transforming them into fresh pairs of jeans. The entire collection is designed and manufactured in East London, minimising the brand's waste, water and energy footprints. The straight leg style, with its high waist and contrast washes, is super sustainable and super flattering.

Best for Guilt Free Outerwear: Lindex

Lindex is a big European chain with over 480 stores (including in both London Westfields) although I hadn't heard of it until just recently. They're committed to sustainability, with 96% of their cotton coming from sustainable sources and 16 million PET bottles recycled into polyester for their pieces last year.

They're dedicated to having 80% of their garments made from recycled materials by 2020, which will be no mean feat. I'm a big fan of their outerwear: it's affordable, functional and has sustainable credentials, which is more than can be said for the majority of our big high street players.

Best for Basics: Everlane

LA brand Everlane create timeless basics designed to last. Ethical production and transparency is at their very core: they reveal to customers the true costs behind every product, from materials to labour to transportation, and sell their pieces minus the traditional retail markup. I love their waffle-knit turtlenecks and corduroy two-pieces the most. They also do some great tees. This is your place for sustainable staples with a clear conscience that you can wear year on year.

Best for Investment Pieces: Rêve En Vert

Rêve En Vert is all about sustainable and honest luxury, exclusively featuring designers who operate their businesses with respect for people and the planet. If you're looking for something a little bit special, this is the place to go for curated high-end collections that you can look great in, and feel good about.

What's your favourite spot for sustainable fashion buys? I'd love to hear your recommendations.

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