Saturday, 29 April 2017

zara makes nice jumpers

Before I begin, big shout out to my big brother for resuming his role as my blog photographer (if under duress). He has moved back to Bristol and so is now available to be pestered by me for pics again - hurrah! 
I'm writing this in the library which pretty much defines how life is going at the moment. It's a Saturday for crying out loud!! Procrastination levels are definitely high at this point but university is almost over... two more week til I can kiss goodbye to the essay writing forever.
In terms of my outfit, I think it's fair to say that I'm a big fan of the frills thing that seems to be everywhere at the moment; in fact, I'm a fan of all the big trends that are gracing our high street and draining my student loan this Spring. Pink? Tick. Pastels? Tick. Embroidery? Tick. Frills? Big tick. I'm just looking forward to when the weather heats up and my summer wardrobe can really rear its head. Bring on the travels, the tans, and the day that I will never have to study ever again!! 


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Ashleigh said...

That jumper is beaut!!!!! x

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