Sunday, 23 April 2017

fashion targets breast cancer: staying #fashionstrong with River Island

The Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign is back for another year, with the 2017 collection boasting a number of pieces available now across the UK high street. I've teamed up with River Island to share their #fashionstrong bracelet with you, which carries a 100% donation to Breast Cancer Now - the UK's largest breast cancer charity. These little silver (or gold, or even rose gold) bracelets are an easy way for you to show your support for the millions of women that have suffered, are suffering, or run the risk of suffering from breast cancer in the future; the money raised will also help researchers discover quicker and more effective methods of preventing, detecting and treating breast cancer.
A minimum 30% donation from each sale of the other pieces in the collection will go to the charity, and you can shop them here until the campagin ends on 29th May. Shop it, wear it, share it, and join the incredible force of women staying #fashionstrong to help fight breast cancer.



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