Saturday, 14 January 2017

becoming a hat person


Happy 2017 everyone! First blog post of the year and I'm sporting some new purchases thanks to the ASOS A-lister vouchers. I'd racked up a fair few over the last few months of 2016 which says a lot about how much money I spend on ASOS...but at least now there are rewards! 

We braced the Bristol cold to snap some pictures earlier; you know you have good friends when they'll wait out in the drizzle holding your coat whilst you pose for some blog pics. All very glam. I tried to smarten up my sweatshirt with these tailored trousers I picked up in a charity shop last week for a mere £4. Couldn't possibly leave them behind! Really enjoy a bit of sportswear but don't always want to be looking like a) I just got out of bed or b) I am on my way to the gym. Enter, the trousers! 
We also had to make the most of actually getting dressed and getting out today by taking some pics. Everyone's in exam mode at the moment, and despite the fact that I have no exams and handed in my dissertation last week, I've been fully making the most of the chill time before my final term at uni EVER really gets going. 2017 is going to be the year of my graduation and initiation into proper adult life. 100% terrifying but also pretty exciting. Bring it onnnnn. 


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