Sunday, 9 October 2016

hanging out on collingwood road


It comes as no surprise that Zara have nailed it once again this season when it comes to fulfilling all of our funky trouser needs. Frills, flares, asymmetrical hems - you name it they've gone and done it, and quite frankly they've done it better than any other high street shop (it's a big claim, but I'm sticking by it). Never did I think I'd be able to wear a frill without looking and feeling like a total frump, so thank you Zara for making frilliness cool again. My bank account may not be thanking me, but my ankles definitely are. 



Unknown said...

This outfit is so cute! I love your jacket X

sarah said...

hiya, just wondering what size you got the jacket in? its gorgeous and id love to order it for myself! loved the post x

Teresa Halminton said...

What a cute outfit. I like the jacket.
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