Saturday, 17 September 2016

snaps from amsterdam

Images taken using a disposable

Amsterdam has to be one of my favourite cities in the world, the best thing being that there is absolutely no pressure to eat a particular cuisine, go and see any unmissable landmarks or trek up any massive hills to experience that famous view (although the dutch pancakes are bloody lovely and you'd be silly to miss out). Call me lazy, but the simplicity of just wandering aimlessly, picnicking in some of the nicest parks I've ever been to and cycling up and down beautiful canals has something over the drama and scale that characterises other European cities. This is a place I'll always return to... and the quick cheap flights definitely help.




You look so cute - LOVELY photos


Entertainment Lover said...

I'm a little late reading this blog, especially some of the posts, but got to say... everything here is so great and so true. As someone who's originally from the area, I get a chuckle out of many things here.
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