Wednesday, 14 September 2016


So its been a few months since I've played the blogging game, but after feeling a little disheartened by the whole thing for a while, I've decided to give it another go. There are just so many great fashion blogs out there now, and they're all so professional and creative and sleek to the point that I knew I couldn't compete, nor did I really want to. But then I realised that I don't really need to, because the great thing about the internet is that there's space for everyone. Being a uni student does unfortunately mean that the time and money to become a super career blogger are unavailable to me, but why should that mean I give it up altogether? I certainly don't want my space to fizzle out or get filled by somebody else when the domain comes up for renewal and I decide I no longer want to pay the fee. 

I loved blogging, I still do, and although my style has definitely changed since I started (in 2014... does time fly or does time FLY), I'm still going to do my best to share some of my garms with you. I'll be honest though, a lot of what I wear whilst I'm bumming around uni probably isn't worth sharing. So I'm going to try and introduce a lil' bit more variety into my content so that it's not an endless stream of very average outfits. We'll see how it all goes! Maybe I'll even get my blog redesigned or something crazy like that.

For now anyway, here's me wearing some funky pink trainers that Footlocker sent me and also the Monki jacket that changed my life. I love it so much - it's all boxy and black and makes me feel like one of those cool young 20-somethings that work in Soho and go on holiday in Cannes. Do these people even exist? I don't know, but if they do I feel like they'd be wearing a jacket like this.




Love the all black and then WOW your shoes! LOVE!!!!


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