Thursday, 21 January 2016

new year casual with Loot Vintage

LOOT VINTAGE cardigan and denim shirt* // VINTAGE jumper // TOPSHOP jeans // ADIDAS Stan Smith's // ASOS bag // DEPOP choker

I'm sure no one in the UK will disagree with me when I say that it is bloody freezing at the moment. So when Bristol-based vintage emporium Loot emailed me asking whether I'd like to pop into the store and pick out a few pieces to style, I knew I'd have to go for something cosy. This fluffy cardigan was an instant win. Layered over a sparkly knit and a thick denim shirt it kept me suitably snug whilst my bro and I wandered around the city yesterday. Those of you who follow my Insta (amymacee) will know that the day came to a tasty end courtesy of Wahaca, who treated us to dinner to celebrate the introduction of their new January taco specials. If any of you are heading to a Wahaca soon, I'd definitely recommend the salmon sashimi tostadas, the sweet potato taquitos and the steak and cheese tacos. Sooo yum!
For those of you not lucky enough to live close enough to pop into Loot's funky physical store in the heart of Bristol, you can still get your hands on their branded and own-label gems via ASOS Marketplace and their website. To make things even more affordable, enter FASHIONJUNKIE15 at the checkout for 15% off your order. You are welcome! 


Unknown said...

That jumper is so gorgeous! x

Mei めい said...

Love this outfit!

Big Dreamer

Minau said...

Great look!

jojo said...

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