Sunday, 20 September 2015

the velvet dress

I'M WRITING AN ACTUAL BLOG POST, madness I know. Terrible quality iPhone photos in full swing (also say hello to my mama and my best gal Lucy who are probably going to hate that they're on the internet), but I really wanted to share this fab dress that I picked up in Zara with y'all. I wore it in all its velvety, seventies glory to a family friend's birthday party last night, and now I'm just waiting impatiently for the next occasion when I can whip it out again. Unfortunately that will probably be around Christmas time, because I'm back to uni tomorrow where dressy occasions just don't seem to exist. Or they do, but everyone's too cool and hipster (lazy) to actual dress up for them.
I was also super impressed with these Pretty Little Thing flatforms, that allowed me to throw some serious shapes all night without any serious and potentially long term threat to the wellbeing of my feet. Bravoooooo.



Roli said...

Nice post! Those platforms from prettylittlething are gorgeous

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