Thursday, 18 June 2015

silver striped adidas

Anyone who knows me (or has flicked through a few of my posts) will know that trainers are kinda my thing. So when Footlocker got in touch asking if I'd like to feature a pair of their trainers in a post, I was obviously more than happy to oblige. I opted for these beaut Adidas Superstars because clearly, having a pair with black and a pair with purple stripes already just isn't enough. And also because my black and white ones have been through so much this year (i.e. first year at uni) that they'll probably become acquainted with the dustbin soon. I can't think of a better, shinier replacement.


Emmajane. said...

Been craving a pair of adidas runners these days, black and white is such a staple! x

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Chloxlla said...

Love the outfit and the matching trainers and clutch is pretty cool! Also loving the texture on the cardigan

Unknown said...

Love the skirt paired with superstars - I pretty much live in mine too!


Emily Lilly said...

Love the skirt, I'm not usually a trainer person but i love these !

Distant Dreamer

courtzmelv said...

Love this outfit, i think the trainers are gorgeous!

Courtney |

Jacky said...

Absolutely love this outfit! ♥

Unknown said...

Love that skirt lots! X

Unknown said...

Love the metallic stripes on this pair x

VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

Unknown said...

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