Friday, 6 February 2015

super distressed jeans


Another month, another blog post! Had a really busy week this week actually because even though I've been back at uni for three weeks, lectures and everything only fully resumed on Monday. It's so strange getting back into the swing of learning things again after essentially doing nothing for over a month! I'm making it my mission to attend lectures for other subjects this term though - seriously feeling the urge to broaden my horizons and just learn new interesting things about science, philosophy, aerospace engineering, whatever I can successfully sneak into basically. Determined to wring my £9000 a year out of this uni somehow.. 

Some of you may also have seen me tweet earlier this week about the winter vintage photo shoot I helped style and photograph for the Bristol Tab. You can check out the finished result by clicking here! It was a lot of fun to organise and we're all really happy with the results - let me know what you think in the comments. All of the clothes were lent to us by this cool little vintage shop in Bristol called Sobeys - if you're ever in town make sure you check it out, there are so many gems! 

Until next time, fellas.


Unknown said...

Love this coat, great chilled outfit x


thursdaysarchive said...

oooh the coat is gorgeous!

Rose and Weston x

Steph & The Spaniels said...

Such a babe! That coat is gorgeous!! xx

Grace said...

Love this, it's buff and simple x

Eve Dijkema said...

I love that coat, I've got it too but I got it a bit oversized. It's amazing. You look lovely X

Teru said...

I had a look at the photos you styled on your tab. It looked good. The tab for my uni doesn't do anything like that. It's really cool. Also this outfit is fabulous. I like that your blog fashion is actually wearable and you can tell that this is actually how you dress in your life rather than you just dressing up for blog posts. I've been reading your blog for a while now. It really is great. Okay that's all

Unknown said...

Just love this look!

Unknown said...

love your style, so glad i found your blog

Unknown said...

Love the coat! Have my eye on a similar one from zara! Rachael x

Sophie Spaldin said...

Love your jeans, I have the Topshop distressed Mom jeans <3 love your style xx

Unknown said...

That's such a good idea - attending lectures of other subjects. I'm going to uni this September to study psychology but there's so many other subjects that interest me. Love your jeans and coat!

Anonymous said...

I saw you on Saturday in waitrose on the triangle! didn't want to say anything as I was working :((! but love these jeans , I am definitely eyeing up a pair! x

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