Sunday, 9 November 2014

gloucester road

Say hello to an outfit composed of some of my favourite A/W buys so far. I can already tell that this Zara jumper is going to be an absolute staple, and at only £19.99 it's so much more affordable than similar pieces in places like Topshop or even H&M this season. Zara strikes again! I'm also obsessed with the fit of the 'Farleigh' jeans from ASOS, and am seriously considering getting them in black, too. They're the perfect medium between 'mom' and skinny, and aren't baggy around the waist like most 'mom'-style jeans are. I'm just annoyed that I didn't discover them sooner! Topped off with comfy black boots and faux fur and I was all set for a browse of some cute shops & cafes on Gloucester Road in Bristol with the girls. We failed to realise that most of them would be closed because it's Sunday...but had some pretty darn delicious iced coffees in the sun nonetheless. I'm seriously starting to fall in love with this city.


laura said...

I spend most Saturdays around Gloucester Road- I just love the vibe! It's a shame so much is closed on a Sunday, it's peak mooching day for most people!

Eloise said...

You always look so stunning! The zara jumper is gorgeous and I'm in love with the bag : )


Steph & The Spaniels said...

Looks so cosy! Are you in Bristol for Uni? You're so close to me now! Hope it's going well xx

Rachel said...

gorgeous outfit as always, that is such a lovely bag!

Rachel // Style Soup

Amy said...

I always see all of the cute shops on Gloucester road and I really want to have wander. I have that jumper too and it's so cosy but a pain to wash! x

Lena said...

I love this outfit! seriously love those jeans from asks too, I have the exact ones in black, the fit is so good! x

Nicole said...

Zara are great for their AW knit staples! loving your outfit xx

Unknown said...

This look is a great mix of textures, cosy and cool for me! I'm obsessed with grey at the minute, and have MAJE blogger envy of your hair. Fab 👌😙

Unknown said...

Love the jumper so much, and that seems to cheap! Gloucester Road is my favourite - Being from Bristol, i'm extremely biased about my love for Bristol! xx

Abi |

Unknown said...

Love your jumper it looks so cosy! Plus I keep hearing great things about these jeans, definitely my next purchase.



Glad to hear that you are loving Bristol :-). You look gorgeous and this jumper is definitely on my Christmas wishlist, I am in love. I can't believe that it is only £19.99! xx

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