Friday, 29 August 2014

purple rain

I wore this outfit last night for drinks in Camden with my friend Rachel. We went to 55 Bar for happy hour cocktails, 2 for £10, and they were so so good I would highly recommend it! The mojitos and frozen daiquiris are to die for. It's on the same street as Wagamama's, Yo Sushi and Byron, right by Camden Lock. I don't think a more ideal location exists! The night ended with shisha and chinese food, because it wouldn't be a night in Camden unless both of these things were involved! Where are your favourite places to drink and chill in London?



Julia in Disguise said...

Love this look! That shirt and skirt together is perfection! I thought it was a dress at first. I'm also so blaady jealous of your superstars! x
Julia in Disguise| UK Fashion Blog

Katie said...

Such a cutie! I need some superstars in my life too!xo

GrandyXO said...

Yas the shirst and skirt are such a perfect combination loove them together! xo

Unknown said...

Love this so much, such a pretty colour and print!

Unknown said...

Such a lovely look! Love the shirt, really pretty colour.
Sounds like a great evening out!


Ellie Misner said...

your legs are to die for amy!!! **cries**

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