Thursday, 6 February 2014

all hail the Adidas Stan Smith's


I've always been into trainers, ever since I saved up for weeks in order to purchase my first pair of hot pink Converse when I was about 10. My love affair has only grown since then, however at the moment I can only boast of a relatively modest trainer collection; with the only pairs that I ever really wear being my Nike Roshe Run's and my New Balance 574's, with my battered Vans only rearing their head when I know it's going to be a messy night with the possibility of excessive drink spillage. Every now and again I'll find myself getting really excited about a pair of trainers, and this is exactly the case with the relaunch of Adidas' classic Stan Smith's after a two year hiatus, especially if wearing them means that I'll get abs like Gisele. I'm pretty sure I had a pair similar to this, if not the real deal, in my pre-pink Converse days, and to say I'm chuffed that they're back on the scene would be an understatement. They're so classic, so effortless, so white, and so versatile; I'm envisioning light-wash denim, a white tee & a golden tan (c/o St Moriz, of course), or a plain black shift dress layered over a white shirt, all topped off with a glowing white pair of Adidas' finest, preferably with a green heel tab. Everything in trainer-land has been getting pretty hi-tech lately - I'm talking Le Coq Sportif and New Balance territory. So the Stan Smith's are an old school breath of fresh air, and if they're good enough for the likes of Phoebe Philo, Marc Jacobs, a naked Gisele and the powers that be at French Vogue, then they are certainly good enough for me.




Tara McGovern said...

totally obsessed with these trainers!

GrandyXO said...

Omg love the revamp! How can I not want these babies after seeing Gisele look so smoking hawtt in them! My trainer collecth is pretty small too but ones are have are my babies!xo

Anonymous said...

These are so classic - O'm obsessed! xo

Unknown said...

Love this campaign!

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