Friday, 3 January 2014

new year, new balance

HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'ALL. I know I'm a few days late, but better late than never eh? I had the most amazing yet crazily busy Christmas and New Years, and I'm now absolutely shattered and in no way prepared for my imminent mock exams, but such is life! The end of 2012, December in particular, was so hectic that I barely found time to blog, and only just managed to squeeze in a Merry Christmas post on Christmas Eve. I'm determined to be a little more consistent with my blog in 2014, and I'm also looking into making a few changes with the layout and content that will hopefully make everything a little more up to date. My biggest blogging resolution however, is to go for quality over quantity with my posts. Towards the end of last year I fell a little out of love with blogging as I felt under pressure to feature certain things that I'd been sent within certain time periods, and lots of the things I ended up posting didn't feel like me. My posts felt like gifted item after gifted item and I started to lose sight of the reason why I started this blog in the first place, which was not only to share my style but more importantly to write about fashion and learn more about the industry that I want to work in. This year I'm going to be much more selective about the items I feature for review purposes, and only accept things that I really love from brands that I love. There are so many blogs out there now, and don't get me wrong I think it's great that so many people are doing it! But I think the element of competition that comes with such a popular platform leads to a little bit of jealousy and pressure that I found myself getting too preoccupied with towards the end of last year. I don't want to forget the reasons why I started blogging and I certainly don't want to give up, so in 2014 I'm going to work really hard to make my blog a more honest reflection of what I'm doing, using, wearing, thinking and interested in, rather than the slightly dull and repetitious freebie-fest that I felt it became last year, and try and focus less on what others are doing! I know that 2014 is going to be an amazing year what with finally turning 18, going on holiday with all of my best friends in the summer, and finally finishing school and starting uni in September. I look forward to keeping up my little fashion-related space on the internet throughout 2014, and I can only hope that you all continue to enjoy the read!

On a less serious and emotional note, how delicious are my new trainers? New Balance, my feet and I salute you.



Eve Dijkema said...

Happy new year! You look amazing <3

Rachel said...

love those trousers and trainers together, happy new year :)

Rachel x
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L said...

Happy new year! I totally get what you mean about falling out of love with blogging as I went through that phase for a while last year but I'm starting afresh now hoping to get better and enjoy blogging.

Love the outfit, that bag is so beautiful!

Gemma Talbot said...

I love your trousers. I have a similar pair of jiggers from Topshop which I am living in at the moment x

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I love the trainers SO much xo

Jayne Emma said...

Happy New Year! I love the outfit, those trousers are amazing!x
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Rowanne said...

I usually dont like new balance but they look so good on you xx

Sarah said...

Looking gorgeous as usual - Love this look, you've really pulled it off - I'd look a knob!

S xx

Teru said...

Love this outfit.

GrandyXO said...

I so get what you mean about getting too focused at what other bloggers are doing. Love your outfit the mpnochrome is just gorgeous and the trainerss ive wanted some New Balnace forver now I think i might just bite the bullet!And Happy New Year hun! Xo

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