Thursday, 16 January 2014

in a while, crocodile

I went for a slightly different backdrop for today's photos, and I actually quite like the way they've turned out! I think my camera prefers this background! Today's outfit is pretty standard, as it was unfortunately back to sixth form for me today after almost four luxurious weeks off. The Motel jacket is perfect for layering over jumpers when the weather is as mild as it is today as it's pretty light, and I love the texture for adding a little something to a classic jeans & jumper ensemble. The jumper is actually my mums, but I've literally just ordered the black one which is only £13.50 in the ASOS sale! I don't actually have a plain black jumper which is surprising as I would definitely consider it a bit of a staple. I look forward to that arriving within the next few days! Speaking of sales, the Topshop loafers that I'm wearing here have also gone into the sale and are now only £20! This is probably an appropriate time to apologise to my mum, who I know paid full price for these ones as she got them for me for Christmas! Not the comfiest of shoes by any means, but I love them all the same. 
In other news, it's definitely time for another quick blog sale plug. I am selling off some footwear, jewellery and clothing items purely due to a lack of space which you can browse through by clicking here, including some Motel and Topshop bits (the photos aren't great so if you want any more photos/info about items then just email me). I've reduced the P&P costs so hopefully they won't put you off! I think I'm going to give it a week or so and then put everything up for auction on eBay, so if you really want anything then just drop me an email straight away to make sure you get it! I'll be updating it with some new things later on in the week so keep an eye out!




Unknown said...

I really love your blog, and what you wear! Great post as always :) x

Julia Henderson said...

Lovely outfit! That jacket is so pretty and absolutely love the shoes!


Unknown said...

Gorgeous shoes! Have seen that they have the croc and the holographic in my size in the Arndale...hopefully they are still there on Saturday! xx

Unknown said...

I love the mix of colours & textures in this look. It is very structured & minimilist which is very on trend but still very eye cathing & stylish... great look.

KatieLovess said...

those shoes <3

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Anonymous said...

GOrgeous! I love your shoes! xo

Unknown said...

Love the layering!
Your coat is really lovely and I love your shoes.


GrandyXO said...

Lovely jumper shirt combo. And your loafers are so beaut my ister just picket up the pink satan version for only £15! I just cant to steal them aha. lovely post xo

Lena said...

ah so jealous you don't have to wear a uniform, but also not jealous that you're already back at school. love this outfit, it all works so lovely together and the shoes are fab!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I so nearly bought this bag yesterday! Wish I had now!

Polly Cat said...

Fab outfit! I love winter style - layering is the best :D x

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