Monday, 2 September 2013


So after much deliberation, today I finally decided to go ahead and try selling some bits and bobs through my blog rather than using the minefield of additional fees, unreliable buyers and disappointing bids that is eBay!
Below I've shown you just a handful of the things that are currently up for sale. All the items are things that I do really love, but just haven't worn enough to make it worth while keeping! My wardrobe was getting seriously cluttered so I just decided that it was time to be ruthless. All the details about P&P, payment, and the condition/price of each item are on the blog sale page which you can view by clicking HERE. If you wish to view the blog sale at a later date, there is a banner at the top of the right sidebar which will take you straight there, which saves you scrolling through my entire blog looking for this post!
Please be aware that I'm only planning on keeping the sale open for a week, so it will probably end next Monday 9th September - it's just a bit of a trial thing to see how it goes because I've never done it before! So if you do see something you want, get in there quick!

To visit the full blog sale and find out how to go about buying an item that has tickled your fancy, please CLICK THIS LINK.

Happy shopping!

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