Thursday, 29 August 2013


SAY HELLO TO MY NEW BABIES. I have wanted a pair of Nike Roshe's since I first spotted this very pair on ASOS many moons ago, but unfortunately I had no funds/excuse to buy them at the time. Today, however, I at least had the 'excuse to buy them' bit down (a trip to PGL with my Year 7 form group in a couple of weeks that warrants 'sensible' trainers instead of flatforms), so whilst shopping till literally dropping on Oxford Street with one of my bestest buds earlier I decided to pick up a pair! To be honest I was actually after these grey ones or these black ones as I thought the speckled variety of my dreams was sold out, but as I wandered aimlessly past the Offspring concession in Selfridges I was proved wrong! They were the last pair in the shop and were my size; now if that's not meant to be, then what is? Anyway, to sum that little story up; they are mine, I am in love, and you should be prepared to see a whole lot more of these bad boys on here in the forseeable future. Also, I don't know if any of you noticed that I have actually managed to match my socks with this fabulous quality Oasap top; the new twosie?



Jayne Emma said...

Love your outfit, especially your shoes!x

Electra Violet

Gemma Talbot said...

I love the colour of your top. It looks so nice paired with your grey skirt x

. said...

you look gorgeous and that outfit is so cute! x

beauty about town ♡

Daria said...

Love those shoes so much *drools* :O looking fab! xx

Norhill said...

I love roshe's!
Have two pairs and want more :D
Looks great with your look :)

Eve Dijkema said...

You look really nice :) xx

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful colour! You look stunning xo

GrandyXO said...

Absolutely lovee this outfit the top is gorgeous absolutely love the colour and the matching socks also the roshe's are right beauts! Just loove long of trecking around shopping when you finnally find something beyond your expectations its like everything was worth it aha such a lovely look & Have fun at PGL but what do mean with year 7 are you back tracking like 5 years?aha

Kim said...

I love the Missguided Sweet Deal range! I've already bought so much from the collection, their crop tops are so good and only £3.49!!

I love your Nike's too, this outfit is perfect.

Sweet Monday

Charmaine Cowland said...

the colour of that top is stunning!

Unknown said...

Cute outfit,
Love the top.
Beautiful colour.

Sonia said...

Those shoes are unreal, and look so cool with a skirt! Your outfits are always the best x

smoke + velvet

Unknown said...

<3 this

Victoria Sanusi - Just Writing

Lena said...

love your story of how you got them, definitely meant to be! I love this outfit with the shoes, so sporty but fashionable ! x

Steph & The Spaniels said...

Such a cute outfit, you look alsorts of awesome in the sports wear. Rocking it well xx


Style The Shoot said...

Fab styling... I really love the colour choices, the top and the hairstyle.

Unknown said...

Love this outfit!

New follower

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