Friday, 16 August 2013


Hello strangers! I've been pretty absent blog-wise over the last two weeks due to spending an amazing week in Greece with my family, followed by a few days of exam result anxiety before the big day finally arrived yesterday, so I just wasn't really in the mood to blog! But after today I'm hoping that normal blogging will resume. I literally suffered the worst post-holiday blues I've every experienced after my week away and felt so sad for what felt like ages; I was not happy to be back on home soil but I think I'm gradually getting over it now! And results day went even better than expected; a few people asked me what I got and I'm not too comfortable with sharing the exact grades but rest assured I am absolutely made up! I hope the rest of you AS/A2 people feel the same, and well done to all of you.
So just a word on the outfit; I picked out this dress from Motel the other week and have fallen head over heels for it. The quality is amazing and the print is to die for, as is the smock-style fit which makes it so comfy and easy to throw on; the Motel 'Penny' dresses have got to be my favourites at the moment, and I'm currently eyeing up this paisley beauty. To be honest everything on Motel is right up my street at the moment and it's fast becoming one of my favourite high-street brands! I think the fact that I've teamed an already summery dress with bright accessories and sandals corroborates my earlier point about the blues; I think I'm in denial.




Kaz said...

Ooh I love the dress, its such a gorgeous pattern and the fit is great on you :)
Glad results day went well for you!
Kaz at Sunshine Days x

Abby said...

Such a pretty dress, looks really nice with the jelly shoes! Glad your results went well :) xx

Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

Kim said...

I LOVE this Motel dress, and the paisley print one :) You look lovely! x

Sweet Monday

Chloxlla said...

Love the outfit! Such a perfect dress, smock dresses are my fave at the moment and the print is amazing!

Unknown said...

gorgeous pattern!

Lauren said...

I've been eyeing this dress up for a while now, maybe I should just buy it haha.

Hope you had a lovely holiday, I hate that feeling when you get back. But at least your results day made you feel better about being home! :)

Nicola said...

This is beautiful, i love the pattern. Your hair looks lovely and long, jealous! And i am sure you did fantastic in your AS levels

Alethia said...

Love how you paired the dress with bright accessories! Looks amazing :)

Unknown said...

Ooo pretty dress!
Love your outfit.

Tabet said...

sweet pics and a great outfit. The dress looks lovely!

Unknown said...

Love your dress. That necklace adds a cute touch to the ensemble.


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