Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Today I'm wearing a t-shirt from a brand called Reveall Clothing that my friend Matt launched just last week. He dyes and prints all the tees himself, and they're all sooo so nice & such bargains at only £10 each - you can also get beanies and I'm pretty sure there will be some new stock soon so keep checking back! If you want to get updated with any giveaways or discounts he's holding, then check out the Reveall Clothing instagram (@reveallclothing). I've teamed the 'All the Blues' tee (size S) with my new American Apparel denim pencil skirt that I am quite literally in LOVE with. I almost purchased it online but caught wind of it being on sale in store with 30% off, so whilst in London last week I picked one up on Oxford St. It is incredibly tight, almost to the point where getting up big stairs can be a struggle, but it's totally worth if you ask me because it's just so AMAZING. You can always trust American Apparel for some beautiful denim. 
On the other hand (or wrist, ha), I would just like to draw your attention to this little piece of leather amazingness I'm wearing in the form of this Il Centimetro bracelet. I'm in love! There's more to come on this in a future post, but in the mean time you can check out their website here.

What do you think of my t-shirt? Will you be buying anything from Reveall?


P.S I'm selling my Topshop leather jacket on Ebay - click here to have a look and bid!



Debbie Fab said...

Love the tee in combo with the skirt! The skirt is such a good fit on you, love it :)

taxifor jackson said...

Love love love this skirt! x

| Taxi for Jackson |

Courtney Melville said...

Such a simple, yet gorgeous look xx

laurensibs said...

Love how this outfit looks together, your aa skirt is gorgeous


Adele Miner said...

Love the top!:) x

Anonymous said...

So obsessed with those shoes! You look gorgeous xo

Anonymous said...

I'd never tire of seeing you in a skirt with those awesome platform high top chucks! Very beautiful.

Abby said...

So in love with that AA skirt! Looks gorgeous with the high tops. xx

Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

Lena said...

love this outfit so much! I've been thinking of getting that skirt for a while, just waiting until another discount comes around. I also love how you layered those two necklaces, even though they are so different, they look great together! x


Katie said...

Love the skirt, I want one now!!


Sugar Spun Sisters said...

Amazing otufit! Love that AA skirt and the pops of colour on your nails :)

Eve & Faye x

Laura Louise Haynes said...

I need that skirt in my life !

llh x


Krissy ~ said...

I love the denim skirt! So cute and summery!

Emmie.. said...

That skirt is really cute!

love it :)


Anonymous said...

love that skirt :-) xx

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