Tuesday, 2 April 2013

my asos 'save for later' basket

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I'm sure it's no secret to you guys that I love me a bit of ASOS, so I thought I'd unashamedly steal Tiger's idea and do a post on what's currently in my 'Saved for Later' basket (her blog is amazing by the way, make sure you check it out). I actually compiled this collage about a week ago and the basket has grown considerably since then to include lots of beautiful things including this, this and this - I can tell that any day now I'm just going to cave and end up getting it all! 
Also, here's another quick reminder that I'm selling a bunch of stuff on Ebay if you fancy a browse! Click here to see all my listed items.




As if I needed anything extra to make me want to order from ASOS! Everything is gorgeous! xx

Jacky said...

perfect items, I need every single one of these <3


Lucy said...

Asos is one of my fave places to shop.. I love taking advantage of the free deliveries and returns!! Love this wishlist!Xx

Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion Blog

Gemma Talbot said...

I really like that denim dress and round sunglasses x


Emily / www.thebeautymist.co.uk said...

I love the dress and those disco pants:) x


Lena said...

such nice items, I'm such a sucker for asos too!


Unknown said...

those sandals are on my saved list too!!


Rosie Cumberlidge said...

I love both of the dresses, they're so cute and you should definitely invest in the riding pants, I absolutely love me!


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