Tuesday, 18 December 2012

black & gold

This is a pretty darn plain and boring ensemble, but I wanted to show you this fab studded jumper I was sent from Glamorous a little while ago & have only just got around to posting, despite having worn it numerous times. It's warm and comfy, & certainly jazzes up the simple monochrome look I've got going on! 
I haven't really got much to say today, other than I'm so unbelievably excited for Christmas (a week today YES). But I'm also so gutted that one of my main presents (Jeffrey Campbell Litas) won't be here on time because the company I've ordered them off have majorly messed up my order and somehow managed to damage them in transit. Numerous angry emails later and they're still refusing to dispatch a new pair until the damaged ones are back in their hands, so it looks like I won't even be wearing them to the New Years Eve festivities... how totally crap. I know it's not the worst thing in the world that could happen but I would prefer to have my Christmas presents on the actual day rather than the following year! So I'm feeling pretty disgruntled right now!

Anyway, I hope you're all having a lovely week!




Graceandbraver said...

So beautiful!!

Jacky said...

this sweater is perfect, I'm jealous of your wardrobe :D


Anonymous said...

I adore your sweater! x

Nicola said...

This is gorgeous, the studs and creepers really put the outfit together.


Unknown said...

ooh that skirt would be perfect to wear for school... i need to invest in one asap!

beewaits said...

black and gold are totes my power colours. love the jumper!

Ellen Grace said...

It's not boring at all, I love the jumper and the shoes too! You look so perfect as usual!



Eloise said...

Looking gorgeous as always : )

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