Friday, 6 July 2012

new additions: jewellery

I've done a spot of shopping this past week up on Oxford Street and other places, so thought I would show you some of my jewellery purchases! Three of the pieces are from the Freedom at Topshop sale for which I just cannot express my love enough. I always manage to find something that I need and the discounts are always so good! I find that Topshop jewellery can be overpriced but the sale brings the prices right down so that it's not so painful to part with the cash! The spike earrings from Forever 21 weren't on sale but were so nice I just had to have them. They were a bit of a rare find, as I used to love Forever 21's jewellery but recently it's all just a little to sparkly and glitzy for my liking!

Have you found any sale bargains, jewellery or otherwise? 


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Anonymous said...

There are some lovely pieces there! I can't wait to pick up some sale jewellery from Topshop :) x

Hola Bambi said...

Love it all , especially the bracelet xx

Jacky said...

all these amazing pieces! I'm so jealous!
i cannot wait until i get to london in 3 weeks, then I'll also own nice jewellery like this <3

Unknown said...

thankyou for highlighting forever 21, i love those earrings and never usually go in! :) x

Maisie said...

I love these, especially because they are gold which matches the rest of my jewellery!xx

Elle Drew said...

I picked up the cross necklace also, massive bargain although mine was £5 I think. Great finds though. x

zarzz said...

All of these pieces are really lovely x

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Tim Mcgraw said...

love your blog x


ceara | floralflowers said...

i love your style amy! the triangle earrings are pretty cool:)
i know its annoying when people say this, but it would be really cool if you girls could check out my blog, i have just started blogging! xoxo

Maisie said...

I have the triangle earrings with the silver ball in the middle - i got them in the Topshop sale!xx

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