Saturday, 14 July 2012

ebay lashes

I never used to be that into fake eyelashes - it's only recently that I've started purchasing and trying out different lashes and brands. I used to go for Ardell or Eyelure however after hearing people talk about ordering cheap sets from Ebay I just thought, why not? 
I bought thirty pairs in total - ten pairs of each style - at 99p for ten pairs and free P&P from this seller. They are delivered from Hong Kong so take a long time to arrive, but apart from that the seller and the condition of the eyelashes when they came was absolutely fine. 
The eyelashes themselves are not bad for the price you pay. I tend to use my Eyelure glue with them and they stay on fine however sometimes need a bit of a touch up of glue on the inner corner during the night. The band on which you put the glue isn't particularly flimsy which can be annoying when you're trying to fit them to your eye! 
My overall impression is that if you're a beginner or aren't sure what styles of lashes are going to suit you, buying some cheap eyelashes such as these to practice with and try out is perfect. If I had a special occasion to go to I may buy some more expensive lashes as they are higher quality, however I only wear them occasionally when I go out and have no qualms with chucking these Ebay ones away after one wear as they're so cheap!

Would you try some Ebay eyelashes? What sellers or brands do you recommend? 



Anonymous said...

Great post, eyelashes are so expensive, i've been using primark ones up until now but i'm definitely going to get some of these :) x

Alex Sheena said...

I've got some of these, I couldn't really get on with them but to be honest I really couldn't be bothered to put them on properly. This has motivated me to give them another try.

BABYFACE said...

i LOVE ebay eyelashes; just done a post on them, and a lot of people seem to have problems putting them on, but they're fine for me :) I use eyelure glue too, and find they stay on a treat :)xo

Emily / said...

These look great and so cheap but I'm always scared they'll fall off aha!

bridges and balloons said...

you cant go wrong with ebay eyelashes and false nails, so many for some cheap!

Anonymous said...

Always wanted to try fake lashes. They seem painful.

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