Tuesday, 5 June 2012


This is an outfit from a couple of days ago - I don't think I would've been brave enough to stand outside without sleeves today! It's hard to believe that this time last week I was in the garden in minimal clothing sunning myself, and today I've been piling on layers and turning up the central heating! 
I haven't been dressing particularly patriotically this jubilee weekend, despite the fact that me and my family ventured up to the Thames on Sunday to watch the flotilla. We got there quite late as it was all very last minute (as per), but still managed to get a good view of the Queen and all the royals on board their barge! I'm really glad we went, if only to experience the buzz and excitement of the city on such an important day. 
In other news, my riding pants arrived today! I was so excited when they arrived - it was almost as if they were a surprise present and I hadn't spent a ridiculous amount of money on them! They will without a doubt be in an outfit post near you very soon. 

Have you done anything special for the jubilee?




Nicola said...

Love the blouse and jeans combo. I wish i lived near London, i would loved to have seen the Queen! Can't wait to see the riding pants!


Unknown said...

I love this top with the nails and rings! I was up the thames on sunday too! We managed to get a pod on the london eye fro when the Queen passed, it really was an amazing experience!

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xchristybx said...

love that blouse on you!
not much jubilee action going on in my neck of the woods :( xx

Shope and Shore said...

You got riding pants!! What colour did you get? You're literally never going to take them off :) Love your blouse also!
Shope xx

Mariana Glez said...

La camisa es hermosa. <3

Maisie said...

I love your blog!


Holly said...

I love your top :) It's such a pretty design and looks like lovely fabric too.
Your hair is so beautiful!
Love Holz oxo

Emily / www.thebeautymist.co.uk said...

Love the shirt!


Laura said...

Love your top and rings, you look gorgeousss! Would've loved to have been in London these past few days! x
Dreams and Dresses

Unknown said...

Ooh great top! And I wish I lived in London, I would've loved to have seen the Queen! xx

Daria said...

I love the pop of colour that the nails give to the outfit! :) x

lucy jarvis said...

Love the outfit!


BABYFACE said...

man, i love those creepers; they're just lush! The blouse is really pretty too - gorgeous outfit! ahh, so jealous you've got riding pants, they're currently on my never ending wishlist :')xo

Joanne said...

The blouse is gorgeous!

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