Sunday, 27 May 2012

enrapture encode totem styler

I've always had very straight, flat hair, and have longed for low maintenance, natural, beachy waves for as long as I can remember, especially during the summer months. After lots of research into different products, I decided to purchase this beauty to end all my hair woes - the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler.
I would say Enrapture is a reasonably high end company; similar to GHD but with curling tongs! I hadn't heard of them before my tong hunt, but after reading more rave reviews on this particular product than you could shake a stick at, I decided to just go for it! 
There are three numbered heat settings on the Totem Styler, and you twist the dial to change the temperature of the three sections of the barrel - 3 is a tight curl and 1 is looser. This means with the one tong, you can create many different types of curl. I tend to stick to the combination of 3-1-3 and don't hold my hair in the tong for very long to make sure the curls aren't too defined, however I sometimes change the combination as I move around my head just to make it look very natural. You can achieve so much with this one product and it's really quick and simple to use - certainly worth the money.
These are the first hair tongs I've used but I am over the moon with them, and am seriously considering trying some more products from Enrapture
At the moment, Boots are doing 15% off the Totem Styler so click here to take advantage of the deal whilst it lasts - I strongly recommend that you do! 
I did style my hair with the tongs in this post, however may try and do a more close up photo of the finished result when I next use them (or read this post of Lily's). 

Have any of you tried any Enrapture products? What are your favourite curling tongs? 



Joan M. said...

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I will looking here often, so I'll add You to my friends.

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smile from J. :)

Karolina said...

I soooo want to try this! My curling iron recently broke, so I'm considering this one now :) xo

Olivia Burn said...

I've been looking into buying some curling tongs so I might consider these! Your hair looks so nice wavey!

- Olivia xx

Cherry said...

I have this, it's so good!

Emily / said...

you have lovely hair!

Unknown said...

i want to try this

Anonymous said...

I really want to try these, I have trouble finding really good curing irons. You have such a cute blog here

bridges and balloons said...

I use that, its pretty much my best friend.

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