Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Despite having received my disco pants almost two months ago for my birthday, this is the first time I have worn them in a blog post! I'm sure they are nothing remotely new to most of you seeing as they have to be one of the most worn items in blog-land, but I will continue to grace you with their shiny spandex presence nevertheless. 
I find them a little tricky to wear day to day mainly due to the shine, however you cannot deny how flattering they are. I love them with creepers at the moment, although have worn them with my vans in the past for a slightly more casual look. 
In other American Apparel-related news, I ordered the navy riding pants last night! I've always said to myself that I will definitely get a pair come winter, but should a discount code come up before then I will just take the plunge. Lo and behold, last night AA announced a 20% off code for one hour only on their Twitter so I was quick to take advantage of it! I know they're overpriced, but I have wanted them for such a long time so it wasn't a total impulse buy! 

What are your thoughts on the disco pants? 



Nicola said...

I feel like i stalk your blog...
I have been umming and ahhring getting them for a while. I saved up then thought are they worth the money? Im still unsure! But there beautiful! Love how you styled them


Claudi said...

This is great! I love your creepers, too! the whole outfit <3

Holly and Cara said...

they look beautiful! i agree i'm a little dubious about buying them because of their shine, can't deny their gorgeous though.

ronan said...

love the discos, look fab with the creepers! be careful though, i've got a pair and they lose their elasticity after a while :( ah i love riding pants, so so much. nicely done with the 20% off! take care xx

L said...

I have been loving the Disco Pants for ages since the majority of pictures are floating around Tumblr but the plunge of ₤70 is quite tricky! You look so nice in them :) X

Maisie said...

I adore the disco pants but decision to get them seems really tricky, at times i have had the money to get them, but then end up buying three totally different items instead and realize i can get so much more for my money, but they are to amazing to pass up the opportunity to buy them.


Daria said...

I might have seen disco pants billions of times on blogs now, but I like how you styled it! It's not the usual shirt/white tee combination! ;) xx

Steph & The Spaniels said...

Lovely outfit :) The Disco pants & creepers duo are just my fav! Lovely xxx

Unknown said...

They look amazing on you! And that necklace is gorgeous :) xxxx

Eloise said...

I really like the fit of them and think they're incredibly flattering but I don't know if I'd be able to pull off the shine. I'd probably end up opting for the riding pants.

Love how you've styled these though, but then again you always look awesome


Emily / www.thebeautymist.co.uk said...

I love this outfit!


lucy jarvis said...

I love the top, I've seen it in the sale and wanted to buy it!
Making me want Disco pants even more!!

Nicole said...

love the outfit! really want disco pants and you suit them very well!xx


Mantenso said...

love the disco pants and tbh anything AA the make the nicest thing although they are slightly overpriced!
mantenso xx

Beth said...

love love love this outfit! you look gorgeous xxx


Olivia McLaren said...

i'm so jealous! i've been obsessing over AA disco and riding pants for ages, they look great with your creepers xxx

Chelsea Jade said...

This top is gorgeous! And as for the Riding Pants they are totally worth it, I'm a little addicted with 3 pairs now! xx

Hev said...

You look lovely, they definitely suit you! I'm very intrigued by them, I want to try a pair just to see if all the hype is true about them being amazingly flattering etc but not sure I could pull them off myself! x

Joanne said...

You look lovely! I got my Disco Pants last week, only worn them the once so far but literally want to wear them everyday! I know I'm totally gonna want the riding pants next!

Unknown said...

omg this is the perfect look for me. I'm totally addicted to disco pants, they are GOLD <3
would you like to follow each other?

V said...

Awesome disco pants! I see how they would be a little hard to wear during the day. But I love the outfit! I'm having a pastel bracelet giveaway on my blog would love for you to pass by and enter!


Yvet said...

love this necklace!
and the discopants suit you so well! x

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