Friday, 6 April 2012

slowly creeping

Wore this little ensemble on a trip to Oxford Street with my mother on Wednesday. I didn't get anything apart from this dress (believe me it looks a million times nicer on) which I'm going to be wearing to the end of Year 11 boat party in a few weeks' time. It's basically just an occasion for everyone in my year to get dolled up, go in a limo, and have a party on the Thames - should be a fun night! 
Be prepared to see a lot more of these creepers which my lovely friends got me for my birthday. I've worn them everyday since I opened them and they are just perfection - I know lots of people think that creepers are a little 'done' now, but I love them and to me that's all that matters! 

Happy Easter weekend!



Beth said...

love your outfit. That Miss S dress is gorgeous xxx

Nicola said...

You always look so effortlessly cool. I love the jacket and the dress you bought is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Love Your Creepers, their lush!


Claire said...

The creepers look gorgeous on you :) I really like the dress you got as well - a boat party sounds like such an awesome idea! We just got a tiny, rubbishy prom!

Ife said...

The dress looks gorgeous! And forget what other people say, creepers are gorgeous! At first I wasn't a fan of them but now I absolutely love them!! xx

Lydia said...

ahh yay the creepers are too cute with this outfit! x

Mantenso said...

love this outfit, so jealous of your creepers and the boat party sounds so good!
mantenso xx

Yolennie said...

The creepers are so unique! Love it<3

Sophie Pearl Edward said...

You look so cool - you always do : )
please follow back xx

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