Saturday, 14 April 2012

new kids on the block

I did a spot of shopping today, and as I haven't posted in a couple of days I thought I would show you what I bought! I haven't been shopping and spontaneously bought anything in a little while; ever since Christmas I have been really cautious with money and have carefully considered every purchase, only buying things that I 'needed'. But today, with some birthday money and my first earnings behind me, I decided to just kiss goodbye to financial planning and buy a few bits and pieces. 
Obviously the ASOS tops weren't from today - I got them a week or two ago when ASOS had a 10% off code floating around. I really love the way these crop tops look with anything high waisted, namely my disco pants or a high waisted skirt, and it's a great way to rock a rollneck! They sell versions of the t-shirt one at a similar price and in varying colours in Topshop, or if you want to pay £20 more then you can go to American Apparel (seriously don't bother there are cheaper options everywhere). To be honest the ASOS ones seem to be of a higher quality than their Topshop counterparts, however Topshop do have some lovely pastel colours for spring/summer.
The Real Techniques brushes were a planned buy, as I've read so many rave reviews about them on just about every beauty blog on the internet! I'm a sucker for blogger hype so just had to pick up the core collection along with a powder brush because mine has absolutely had it. I'm so pleased that I did - I only quickly used the powder brush about a minute ago and it was brilliant! My happiness is made even greater by the fact that after I'd left the shop I noticed that the man on the till charged me for two £12.99 powder brushes rather than one powder brush and a £21.99 core collection - just raking in the savings! Thank you to Samantha Chapman aka Pixiwoo for the brushes - you're a genius. If any of you want me to do a proper review after I've been using them for a week or so then let me know in the comments. I'm a little unsure whether I should because there are so many reviews on them out there! 
As for the Topshop purchases, I had to buy the little crochet top because a) it was sparkling at me and b) it was reduced to £15 for a limited time only. Obviously you understand I just could not leave it hanging on the rail. The lilac top is my first tiptoe into the pastel trend - I'm looking forward to getting more into it as the season progresses, and have my eye on this pair of jeans  so I can rock the head-to-toe-icecream look. When it comes down to the jewellery, well, who can resist a 50% off sale and some spikes and crosses? 

That's all for now - it's been a bit of a long'un! Hello and thank you to all new followers (and old) - I will be holding a giveaway when I reach 500! 



Beth said...

love the Topshop necklace! The RT brushes are amazing! I have the core collection and really want to get the blush brush xx

Nicola said...

Love everything you bought here. Especially the topshop jewelry and i really need the core collection. Lucky to get it at £12.99...

Unknown said...

I bought the topshop version of that white crop top! Really love the high neck top too!xo

Ruth Logan said...

You do need one of those days where you just let a little bit go and spend! Love what youve bought, defiantly worth it :)

Ruth xxxx

Krissy ~ style san san said...

i love that spike necklace!
great purchases!
Krissy xoxo

Ife said...

I saw that spike necklace in store yesterday! I wanted to get it but i wasn't so sure! You bought some lovely things xx

Glitter Detector said...

You got so many amazing things, I really want the Powder Brush from Real Techniques I think it may be perfect to apply bronzer! xx

Anonymous said...

I envy your purchase haha, please do a review on the real techniques brushes! xx

Sissy said...

I love your style and you are so effortly pretty <3 mwah xx

Unknown said...

Love all the pieces you bought!

I'm after some sort of spiky necklace like yours but my Topshop doesn't stock them!!!

Take a peak at my blog<3

Project Rattlebag


Melissa said...

In love with that sparkly top from topshop, and this post reminds that I really need to get myself a good set of brushes

Sophie Isobel said...

I really really want to get the Real Techniques brushes! I love the Topshop sale jewellery you picked up too :) x

Unknown said...

ah i want it all

Charlotte said...

necklace is sooo awesome
and errr can I have all your shoes pleasse???
- Ordaining Serendipity

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