Saturday, 14 April 2012

new kids on the block

I did a spot of shopping today, and as I haven't posted in a couple of days I thought I would show you what I bought! I haven't been shopping and spontaneously bought anything in a little while; ever since Christmas I have been really cautious with money and have carefully considered every purchase, only buying things that I 'needed'. But today, with some birthday money and my first earnings behind me, I decided to just kiss goodbye to financial planning and buy a few bits and pieces. 
Obviously the ASOS tops weren't from today - I got them a week or two ago when ASOS had a 10% off code floating around. I really love the way these crop tops look with anything high waisted, namely my disco pants or a high waisted skirt, and it's a great way to rock a rollneck! They sell versions of the t-shirt one at a similar price and in varying colours in Topshop, or if you want to pay £20 more then you can go to American Apparel (seriously don't bother there are cheaper options everywhere). To be honest the ASOS ones seem to be of a higher quality than their Topshop counterparts, however Topshop do have some lovely pastel colours for spring/summer.
The Real Techniques brushes were a planned buy, as I've read so many rave reviews about them on just about every beauty blog on the internet! I'm a sucker for blogger hype so just had to pick up the core collection along with a powder brush because mine has absolutely had it. I'm so pleased that I did - I only quickly used the powder brush about a minute ago and it was brilliant! My happiness is made even greater by the fact that after I'd left the shop I noticed that the man on the till charged me for two £12.99 powder brushes rather than one powder brush and a £21.99 core collection - just raking in the savings! Thank you to Samantha Chapman aka Pixiwoo for the brushes - you're a genius. If any of you want me to do a proper review after I've been using them for a week or so then let me know in the comments. I'm a little unsure whether I should because there are so many reviews on them out there! 
As for the Topshop purchases, I had to buy the little crochet top because a) it was sparkling at me and b) it was reduced to £15 for a limited time only. Obviously you understand I just could not leave it hanging on the rail. The lilac top is my first tiptoe into the pastel trend - I'm looking forward to getting more into it as the season progresses, and have my eye on this pair of jeans  so I can rock the head-to-toe-icecream look. When it comes down to the jewellery, well, who can resist a 50% off sale and some spikes and crosses? 

That's all for now - it's been a bit of a long'un! Hello and thank you to all new followers (and old) - I will be holding a giveaway when I reach 500! 


Thursday, 12 April 2012

oh my god shoes

Everybody needs plenty of shoes. You never know what mood you may be in and what pair/style you may require for the days' antics. I've pictured some of my favourite/most worn pairs from my  ever growing collection; basically my core, couldn't-live-without-them-wear-them-to-death shoes. I'm one of these annoying people that likes the real deal when it comes to footwear hence all the brands (yes I know I don't have real Litas..yet), but I really think that footwear is one of the few things where you really get what you pay for! 
I haven't always been a shoe-fiend, in fact I used to just live in one pair of Converse; it's only recently that my appetite for footwear has grown. At the moment I'm wearing my creepers and Dr Martens the most - what shoes do you never take off? 


Friday, 6 April 2012

slowly creeping

Wore this little ensemble on a trip to Oxford Street with my mother on Wednesday. I didn't get anything apart from this dress (believe me it looks a million times nicer on) which I'm going to be wearing to the end of Year 11 boat party in a few weeks' time. It's basically just an occasion for everyone in my year to get dolled up, go in a limo, and have a party on the Thames - should be a fun night! 
Be prepared to see a lot more of these creepers which my lovely friends got me for my birthday. I've worn them everyday since I opened them and they are just perfection - I know lots of people think that creepers are a little 'done' now, but I love them and to me that's all that matters! 

Happy Easter weekend!


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

birthday antics

My friends and I dolled up for a meal in Covent Garden/Playing Articulate with drinks and nibbles/My birthday haul/Creepers and Disco Pants
I'M SIXTEEN! Finally I am old enough to drive a tractor and do a whole host of other strange things that I couldn't do two days ago! It was my birthday yesterday, the 3rd April, and I would just like to quickly thank those of you who left me birthday messages/tweets - I loved reading them! I had an absolutely fantastic day and got loads of lovely things which you can vaguely see in the photos above - I don't want to boast but I know that some people are interested in what people get (I know I always am)!
On the actual day yesterday I met some friends for lunch at Costa for a bit, and then in the evening me and my family went for a delicious meal. On Saturday, for more general celebrations, me and my friends got dressed up and headed up to Maxwell's in Covent Garden. The atmosphere was brilliant and the food even better and we had such a good time! I was wearing a skater dress from Republic and my JC Lita-esque heels which I absolutely adore.

I know this is now turning into a bit of a ramble, but in other news I've got a job! It's working as a waitress/coffee maker at a new cafe/restaurant not too far from where I live. Although I've had a training day, my first official day's work will be this Saturday so fingers crossed all goes well! I'm so happy to finally have a job and to be earning my own money - all the more to spend on clothes which can never be a bad thing ;) 

I've been so busy this week what with job excitement, birthdays and revision (kind of.. not really) I haven't had much time to blog. Hopefully I will get some more time to do so next week, and things won't be so sporadic! Until then.

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