Sunday, 5 February 2012

DIY studded denim collar

This really is such an easy thing to do that it doesn't really require a huge long-winded explanation; to be honest I just wanted to show you all my new favourite item of clothing!

You will need: a denim jacket (or any item for that matter) of the style/size you desire
                   some press studs (I buy mine here
                   a surface/tool to press the backs of the studs down - I recommend the edge of an
                   old table (bearing in mind it may get chipped) or a flat butter knife (be careful!)                  

As I said this is SO SIMPLE that I don't really feel the need to explain in detail - you just need to push the studs through the denim in the pattern/design you want and flatten down the backs so that the studs stay firmly in place and you don't get poked. 
I believe that it's possible to buy studs with sharper points that will easily go through denim, however I have used normal ones and although it sometimes takes a little wiggling and elbow grease, they do eventually go through. Obviously if you have an extremely thick bit of material it may be slightly more difficult - you just need to judge it yourself really! The site I buy them from has quick delivery and has always been really good - I've ordered from them on numerous occasions. I've also known people to order studs from ebay. 
The jacket was given to me by a friend of my mum's - I would recommend buying a cheap one from either a charity shop or a vintage shop, because not only is the denim softer, it's not loads of money wasted if it doesn't go quite to plan! Personally I prefer the shape of a men's denim jacket as it's larger, slightly more boxy, and looks a little more vintage and authentic.

I decided to do this little pattern with some large and small studs on the collar tips, however I may well decide to add some more in the future - perhaps on the pocket flap too. It's entirely up to you how you want to do it and you should just experiment. It's your jacket and your 'design' - you can have as many/as little studs as you want wherever you want them!  

I don't know if this has been helpful to any of you or not! I may do some more DIY posts if I can think of things to make - let me know if you have any special requests! An outfit post will follow this week showing the jacket in action.. 



Nicola said...

Looks really good! I love studs at the moment, anything but id just stud everything i own :L

rhiannonvic said...

This looks amazing! Might have to try this on my denim jacket. I love a bit of studds! Looking forward to seeing some more DIY posts if you do decide to do some more :) xx

Anonymous said...

looks good, Amy x

Anonymous said...

this looks so cool! I love a bit of DIY fashion.. its always such a proud moment when someone compliments you and you can say 'I made it myself!'

Monyka said...

the jacket looks awesome, definitely going to try it out myself! lovely blog :)

Holly said...

this looks really cool :) I love customising clothes, it makes them more interesting and personal.
<3 Holz oxo

Anonymous said...

So simple but lovely :)

Jannaire xo

Shope and Shore said...

I am the biggest diy fiend, and love this tutorial! :)

Shope xx

Maja said...

Really cool, you gotta love this DIY jacket <3

Charlotte said...

I really want to try this now! X

Anca said...

I love this idea! Studs and DIYs are so in right now it's crazy! I also have a post on applying studs to jeans!


Vhing said...

I have been looking for studs like those. My denim jackets are being useless. HAHA thanks to this DIY! :D

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Awesome! x hivenn

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