Saturday, 26 November 2011

new beginnings


Hello, and welcome to my brand spanking new blog - Fashion Junkie. Some of you may have followed me here from my previous blog that I had for a year, 'ismellfashion', but the need for change was imminent and I made the decision to start afresh! 

I hope to write similar posts on here to those on my previous blog, however I will probably be writing more fashion-related posts than just a constant stream of outfit photos (at least, that's the plan). I have employed forced my brother to be my 'photographer', and have found a new space to take my photos which is OUTSIDE (yay)! No more boring white wardrobes in sight! It may take a while for me to perfect my photo face (the grimace in the first picture isn't attractive..) but please bare with me!

I'm so excited about the start of Fashion Junkie, and would be so grateful if you could all show some love by checking out the links in the sidebar >> for my Lookbook, Bloglovin', Twitter etc. Comments will also be much appreciated, and don't forget to leave your Twitter names and blog links so that I can check you all out ;)
Thank you for reading, and please stick around for more including an exciting giveaway to celebrate the start of my new blog!




essie said...

love the new blog! x

Claire said...

I only discovered your old blog recently and I loved it, so I'll definitely be following this one now :)

Sugar said...

This is lovely love it doll :)

Anonymous said...

I love the new set up! These pictures are gorgeous! I love the outfit but you have the nicest smile <3

Temporary:Secretary said...

The new blog looks lovely! Taking photos outside will be fun. I prefer to take my outfit photos outdoors as the lighting is a lot better. But these past few months have been difficult due to rain and wind :( Cant wait for Spring/summer! x

LUCY said...

how are those shorts from newlook?! gahh its never any good when i go in. you're lovely xx

College Essay Writer said...

Looks cool! I really like it. I think that I should look for a similar sweater it should suits me. said...

well-chosen combination of things, you are a real young model of a big fashion house, but I would not let you out of the house with such clothes

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