Everything I say on here is 100% my own opinion.

If I review a product I'll give it my honest opinion, however at the same time you're reading the information I provide at your own free risk. Things that I like/worked for me, may not be the same for you. Don't take anything I say too seriously!

Unless otherwise noted, I am the legal copyright holder of ALL MATERIAL posted on this blog. That includes words, photos, and any other content that is posted on here. None of my content may be used, reprinted or published without my consent, and a link back to source i.e my blog. PLEASE DO NOT USE MY PHOTOS WITHOUT ASKING/LINKING BACK.

Every now and again I will write a post featuring a garment sent to me a PR or brand, which is pretty standard practice for most bloggers these days! These items will always be clearly marked by an asterisk (as of April 2013). I pay for the majority of my clothes, and will only accept items that I like and will wear. I always write honest reviews on items I'm sent and feel in no way obliged to rave about the things I'm sent just to satisfy a company. Sometimes companies will approach me first about sending out samples/items, but if I'm a massive fan of a brand and am interested in forming a PR relationship with them then I may well get in contact first. I honestly feel that this is acceptable practice, and my review of a product received in this way would still be just as honest.

As of April 2013 I have started doing some linking through RewardStyle and ShopSense. 
I also have a few paid ads on my blog - if you are interested in advertising please use my contact email above. 

Sponsored posts will always be clearly marked as such.

Please refrain from adding my email address to any mailing lists without my consent. 

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