Friday, 19 January 2018

Snake print converse

Literally haven't written a blog post in months, so this is exciting! Life lately has been pretty damn busy - not least because I got a proper adult job working in PR which is a lot of fun, but also leaves little time during the day for lurking on street corners having pics taken. C'est la vie! 

I went to soak up some culture at the National Gallery last weekend with one of my friends, and I asked her to take some photos afterwards because I'm obsessed with my new Converse. They are so delightful. The National Gallery was also alright but we basically just chatted the whole way round and I don't remember much of what I looked at, so maybe I should go back. Our intentions were good, but gossiping held my attention more than the Monet. Sorry Monet.

Very much enjoying spending some proper time in London though now that I'm back here for good and actually have (some) money to spend. Recommendations on funky exhibitions and things to do and see are always welcome!! 


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