Monday, 30 March 2015

// currently coveting

Just a quick snapshot of some of the bits and pieces I'm currently eyeing up - click on the pictures to follow the links! As you can probably tell, I'm really enjoying the whole 70's vibe and can't wait to fully embrace it in all it's flarey, printed glory this summer! Also, I can't exactly link it on here, but I'm so obsessed with Depop at the moment. There are some seriously fab sellers on there that stock all kinds of fabulousness; from really cool handmade crochet pieces, halternecks, vintage sportswear, basically all the things I'm really into at the mo! Needless to say, I've spent way too much time and money on there in the past week. It's basically like eBay but without stressful bidding wars that either leave you disappointed, or having spent way more than you'd intended basically because you got too carried away (maybs that's just me). I am also selling a few things, so get onto the app and search my username, 'amymacee', to have a browse of my items and see which sellers I'm following and items I'm liking. Love you forever Depop.



Diana Cloudlet said...

It’s awesome! I like this post and your style of writing, thank you for sharing!
I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

Diana Cloudlet

Lena said...

ahh I'm loving this list! seriously so into al that 79's goodness x

Startup Models said...

No mistakes in there!:)