Monday, 15 September 2014

// LFW day three

So yesterday I decided to attend London Fashion Week again for day three (you can read my post all about day 1 here). I had tickets to some good shows, and basically had nothing better to do! I actually really liked my outfit yesterday. I've learnt over the years that heels and cobbled streets is not a recipe for success, so I opted for my trusty Adidas Superstars and was feeling so smug at the end of the day. No blisters/twisted ankles/grazed knees in sight!

Apu Jan was my first and favourite show, which despite being Fashion Scout, was absolutely RAMMED and was so amazing. There was a really cool live band/DJ playing throughout, and the collection was so cool. After seeing another show I then met Sarah at Somerset House. We spent the afternoon with a few other beaut blogging ladies who you may recognise from the photos above, before buying s*** loads of sushi and macaroons and all that good stuff to munch on back at her hotel room! 

In the evening Sarah and I attended the Sorapol show which was absolutely breathtaking. There were so many beautiful couture dresses and headpieces (one of which fell off the model mid-walk but she styled it out so well!) which I don't think would ever be suitable for any occasion, but were stunning nonetheless! After the show we headed to Shopcade's London Fashion Week Party - you can see more photos from the night on my Instagram (@amymacee).

So that's pretty much what I got up to on day three! I don't think I'll be heading up to LFW again this season, but look forward to AW15 in February. Fashion Week can be hectic, catty and shallow at times; but it can also be a lot of fun and extremely inspiring. I feel so motivated to up my blogging game after meeting so many talented bloggers over the weekend, and despite my reservations about certain elements of the event from a bloggers' perspective, attending LFW each season makes me even more determined to one day FROW it as a fashion editor or journalist. See you next year, Somerset House! 




Lauren Rose Bell said...

You look fab - love the skirt!

Katie Z said...

So jealous!
Love that skirt <3

Great post - they look amazing for Autumn!

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Rowanne said...

I love the pale pink colour of the shirt and the shape of it xx

Sarah Nunn said...

You look amazing! Love the pink xx

Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

Eloise said...

Gorgeous photos, I love your outfit, especially the trainers! Really thinking about going in Feb