Wednesday, 28 August 2013

the ebay bargainous boot edit

1. £28.98 // 2. £19.02 // 3. £19.02 // 4. £19.03 // 5. £19.60 // 6. 19.60
Like pretty much every other girl out there at the moment, I'm currently starting to think about my A/W wardrobe and the kinds of staple items I'll be investing in for the new season. A pair of chunky boots is definitely at the top of my A/W wishlist, and I took to eBay to hunt for my dream pair at a fraction of the often extortionate high street price (yes I'm talking about you, Topshop). As I'm sure you can gather from the above collage my wish was well and truly met, and then some! The above pairs are my favourites from a 'watch list' that was quite literally pages long, and the difficult task now is to decide which ones to get (or maybe which two if I can't narrow it down enough)! I'm seriously considering the JC Coltrane look-a-likes, and coming up a close second are numbers 2 and 5. I just love the lace-ups, AND THEY'RE ALL SO CHEAP. What are your favourites?


*DISCLAIMER: I know eBay can be so temperamental to order from, especially as lots of things come from China and sellers can be hit and miss. I haven't actually ordered from any of the above sellers so cannot guarantee that they're reliable.


Shazea said...

I love when you post eba bargains like this. Thank you so much because I've been wanting boots like this since ages! xxx

laurensibs said...

Oh my, number 6! Those are so perfect and what a bargain!

Jayne said...

I want all of these boots, oh wow! I especially love numbers 2 and 3, ah!

Electra Violet

Gemma Talbot said...

All these boots are such good value! I'm loving 3 and 6 x

Sophie Ruffell said...

Love all of these shoes!
I just bought a pair similar.

Bella Dunne said...

ahh number 5 are dreamy!

Hayley Jackson said...

Number 2 has been on my watch list for so long! Need to buy them already x

Taxi for Jackson

Rainbowjasmine said...

I love these boots, they're the most comfortable to wear. Too bad I'm a 7.

milagra egle said...

wow i need to buy the i love your blog