Wednesday, 23 January 2013

retro eyewear

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I know there's still snow on the ground, but that doesn't stop me from eyeing up some of the key pieces that I plan on snapping up when summer finally rolls around. I do love a nice pair of sunglasses despite the fact that I rarely wear them in posts, and although I usually go for the classic wayfarer, I'm considering branching out this year and getting a pair with a little more vintage charm. Retro sunglasses always look so sleek and sophisticated, and I'd like to think that I'd be channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn with a classic pair of cat-eyes, although that's debatable! The monochrome ones are especially great, and would be so easy to wear - I can't stop wearing black and white at the moment!

I've selected 10 pairs of sunnies with a slightly retro feel about them, that really caught my eye (ha). Most of them are designer and therefore (more than) slightly out of my price range, but I have a few months to save so you never know, some of those cat-eyes by Chloe could be mine! (highly unlikely). The designer pairs are from Focus Online - a site which stocks a whole host of designer eye wear brands for both men and women - and there are a couple of ASOS and Urban Outfitters offerings in there as well. My favourites are number two, number six and number eight. What are yours?



Catherine said...

I absolutely love sunglasses, I have around 15 pairs and I always want more! Love #7. xo

Celene said...

i haven't got many sunglasses, these are all gorgeous though! i love #10 :D xx

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Jacky said...

i definitely have to wear sunglasses more often! i especially love these retro/ vintage ones <3

HeartsAndCrosses said...

Number 7 and 8 are so cute haha, great post!


Lucy Cole said...

Number 6 are gorgeous! Every year I struggle finding sunglasses, they never suit my face!!xx