Saturday, 5 January 2013

ebay wishlist

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I literally made this wishlist about a month ago, but thought I would post it anyway because I still want most of the things on here! (I've already bought the bracelets, the John Lennon-esque glasses and the nail varnish)! The only things I would probably add if could I be bothered to make the collage again (my laziness knows no bounds) is this necklace, this jumper and these eyelashes (number 018) because I'm almost out (read this post for a little 'ebay lash' review). 
I've been getting really into Ebay lately, and think it's so worth spending a bit of time hunting for good sellers and good items because you can save yourself so much money - I swear the spike bracelets are no different to Topshop's ones! 
Also, I'm currently selling a brand new pair of wedges, some once-worn Ugg boots and some worker boots (all size 7) on Ebay all of which end today, so if you fancy the sound of any of them head on over to my Dad's Ebay page! *shameless plug alert*

Adios for now!



Nicola said...

In love with the coats, and i defiantly need to buy bioderma. Also, if you dont want to buy the nail polish online its only 99p from bodycare(:

It's Witchcraft said...

Oooh I'm loving your picks! I've spent half of my Christmas holidays on ebay, brought a white pleated mini skirt for just £4.68. Definitely going to pick up the sunglasses, cannot believe how cheap they are!
I really want to try the Bioderma too, that size and price is perfect as a first try so thanks for the link :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE for number 3! xo

Amy said...

Love this! I'm desperate to try out Bioderma :)


Anonymous said...

I love eBay and i've only got into it over the last year or so - some of the stuff, like those spike bracelets, are exactly same as in the shops - only so much cheaper!

rachelpan :-) xo

KylieR said...

Love the coat with the leather look sleeves XX

HeartsAndCrosses said...

Love ebay baskets! The coat is amazing and so is the bag plus I've always wanted to try the bioderma


Anonymous said...

oh the black hole that is ebay, i find so hard to stop once i've starting watching everything under the sun! these are such awesome picks, especially the real techniques nail polish it's perfect! i'm pretty sure someone else above me has said that you can get it from body care if it's still open!

Christal said...

Love love lovee these picks. I would get #3. It's so cold now in NYC and I want to be as warm as a polar bear lol. But the nail polish is superrrrr pretty too. Hahaha if I was ballin' I would love to get everything on this list, tskk! >.<

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Anonymous said...

I rarely buy anything off ebay and people always find such good bargains. I love that jacket and bag :)
LaceyLoves x

Thi Lan said...

amazing items *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. maybe follow each other? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


Style Marmalade said...

Both coats are great! The green one is more practical and the black one is cool :) x