Saturday, 22 December 2012

new in: vintage arm candy

I have already shown you this rucksack in action in this post, but I wanted to dedicate a whole post to it as this has got to be my new favourite bag! I'd been on the hunt for the perfect rucksack for ages when I spotted this bad boy on ebay - I didn't know until I got it that it's actually by Cocinelle which, after some googling, I realized is quite a pricey bag brand; needless to say I feel like I got quite a good bargain after only paying £15 for this 100% leather beauty. Check out the seller's page for more vintage gems!

What do you think of my new bag? What's your favourite piece of arm candy?



Krissy ~ said...

Ooft! that is a beaut!

Anonymous said...

What a find! I'll be adding this seller to my favourites for definite!

Much love,
Gillian, Etc

Devina said...

It's absolutely perfect, love the colour too! x

KC said...

That bag looks amazing - unbelievable value too!

Danielle Wainwright said...

love this bag, you got an amazing bargain! :) xx

Charmaine Cowland said...

amazing find!