Tuesday, 3 July 2012

the porefessional

I'm pretty sure this product isn't new to any of you! I acquired this small sample bottle back when Glamour magazine gave out their annual Benefit samples, and was keen to give it a go after hearing lots of rave reviews. I've never really been into primers as they just seemed to be a product that would clog up your pores and therefore cause more breakouts; with a name like 'The POREfessional' I was almost certain that this would do exactly that! 
I can happily say that I haven't noticed any terrible side effects spot-wise after using this product! I tend to apply it to my t-zone and under and around my eyes after my moisturiser when I want my makeup to stay for a particularly long time, for example on nights out. I don't use it every single day because I just don't see the need to be applying extra products onto my face all the time - it can't be good for you! The consistency of the primer is far creamier and thicker than any I have tried in the past, and it isn't clear like many popular primers - it's more nude/skin coloured. I don't know if I would necessarily repurchase the product as although it does help my makeup stay on for longer, it hasn't been life changing or made any miraculous and noticeable differences to my makeup or my skin in general (and it is ridiculously expensive). Having said that, I will enjoy using up this little tube whilst it lasts! 

Have you ever tried The POREfessional? What are your thoughts?



loulabeth ♡ said...

I pretty much agree with everything you said! I was excited to try this primer out, especially because so many people rave about it, but to me it doesn't really seem that amazing. I'm glad I've tried it though & I will carry on using mine too, for special occasions like you said :)

L x

Daria said...

I have never tried this but I've heard lots of good stuff about it! However, I wouldn't buy it because I think that especially young women shouldn't and don't need to use loads of make up etc. It looks cute though, all the Benefit collection does! xx

Charlie said...

I cant make my mind up about this product. I agree with what you say and it definitley isnt life changing I don't think i could bring myself to buy the full size version x

alexabella said...

I got this in Glamour too and I don't think it lived up to the hype, I would repurchase if it was cheaper but I agree with you, it's not amazing.

Sam Hutchinson said...

I have this sample and whilst it's good as a primer and makes the skin silky smooth, I find it does absolutely nothing for enlarged pores - I wouldn't buy it either! xxx

Tugba Seckin said...

I have the sample from one of the mags this month :) havent tried it yet but will do tomorrow. Now you made me curious LOL

GREAT BLOG :) Following you now!