Monday, 23 July 2012

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Although I have never actually worn a pair of sunglasses in a post (I might have to do something about that!) I really do love my sunnies. The correct pair of sunglasses can frame your face, and of course are great for hiding behind when you've been light-handed with the ol' mascara i.e on holiday! Icon Eyewear is a site that recently entered my radar, and that I was keen to share with you due to their abundance of cheap yet incredibly stylish eyewear. I've picked out my four favourite pairs of sunglasses to share with you! 

The first two pairs are wayfarers; one of the few shapes that really suit me. I love the vintage, classic look of the 'London' ones on the top left and they're a great everyday pair that would go with any outfit. The 'Ruby' ones on the top right also caught my eye (excuse the pun) as they're semi-wayfarer semi-cat-eye which I thought was interesting. I also love the tortoiseshell print which is something I tend to fall for with sunglasses; these are definitely my favourite pair out of the four!
The bottom two pairs are aviators which of course is another classic and popular shape. The 'Bergen' ones on the left I like due to the tortoiseshell bar across the top. I haven't seen any similar to this on the high street and again think they look extremely classy and retro, and remind me of a pair worn by Rihanna which can never be a bad thing! I also really like the look of the 'Oslo' aviators on the bottom right, mainly due to their simplicity and the thin rose-gold frame.

If, like me, you find it tricky to find sunglasses that suit you and can't afford a pair of beautiful Ray-Bans I would definitely have a browse of Icon Eyewear  - there are so many styles, most of which cost around £15 which is so reasonable! 

What do you think of the site? What is your favourite style of sunnies to wear?



Lauren said...

Okay so I am a sunglasses obsessive. I am so excited that this site has matte tortoiseshell sunglasses in a cat eye shape! AND the style is called Lauren...must be fate!


champagnediamond said...

I love the second pair!


Holziepink said...

Ooo I'm gonna have to have a browse of these, they're so reasonably priced and I'm terrible at sunglass shopping usually!
Love Holz oxo

Anonymous said...

The second wayfarer is my favorite. I could do with larger lenses.

I also really like the last aviators. They are like the classic Ray-Ban aviators but a little different.

Jessica W said...

Love the ones on the top right!
Thanks for the heads up <3

The Lovelorn