Wednesday, 18 July 2012

designer spotlight #1

Today marks the start of what I hope will be an interesting new feature on the blog - the 'Designer Spotlight'. As a rule, most of what I buy, wear and post about is from the high street and other affordable brands, so I thought that writing a weekly post about a designer or certain designer pieces that I like at the moment would be fun and would make a nice change from my usual posts. Some of the posts may be sponsored, but the brands and products that I choose to write about are entirely my own choice and I do not feel in any way obligated to feature certain sites or brands if I they don't fit with my blog or with me.

This week I have chosen Barbour. In my mind, the two pieces above would be perfect for the muddy festival fields (although perhaps I would be a little worried about ruining the jacket..). Barbour jackets (or should I say 'Barbour' jackets) were everywhere on the high street over the winter and I did want to get my hands on one until they became slightly, dare I say it, chavvy. However to me, the real deal just looks so much better! I love the olive green colour, the corduroy collar, the floral lining and the contrasting yellow Barbour logo on the pocket. It would make a lovely, warm festival cover up and would be a great one to wear in the winter too. 
The wellingtons are of course a festival essential and although I originally had my eye on a pair of Hunters, I love the look of these just as much. They are clearly extremely similar in style but I am a sucker for the odd brand; having a little Barbour logo on my boot would make me feel very smug! Not to mention, for the price you pay these must be some pretty damn comfortable wellies - no blisters for the Barbour girl! 

So that is the end of my first 'Designer Spotlight' post! It's so much fun browsing designer sites and looking at more high-end items; Jules B is a nice one as they stock lots of popular designers, and they also have a sale on if any of you fancy biting the bullet and purchasing some designer pieces. I'd be interested to know what you think of my new feature in the comments!

Happy Wednesday!


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Hola Bambi said...

I've loveddddd barbour jackets since forver!!! Xx