Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self-Tan Gel

Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self-Tan Gel and Self-Tan Mitts - Boots
Yet another fake tan review! This time it's the Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self-Tan Gel, available in Boots. My Nan actually gave me this and the mitts after buying them for herself but never using them. I was quite excited to try it as I'd never tried a liquid/gel fake tan before. It was extremely easy to apply - I just squeezed a little onto the mitts and then buffed it into my skin in circular motions. It doesn't go on very dark so you do need to concentrate a little to make sure that you aren't just applying it to the same areas or missing spots. 
I wasn't very impressed with the actual colour of the tan. It's very sparkly which I extremely disliked as it doesn't look natural at all, and it wasn't really dark enough for me. If you like a dark tan or are already quite tanned then I would give this a miss! It does dry quickly so I applied another layer after about two hours but it still wasn't doing much.
Although I will wash and use the mitts again and again with other products, I won't be repurchasing the gel. I don't want to waste it so may put a layer on my legs before a night out for a little sparkle, but for day wear this is just not for me! 

I reviewed the Tantatomicals Instant Spray Tan in a Can (which I recently discovered is on sale in Superdrug as well as ASOShere if any of you want to know my thoughts, and I've ordered some St Moriz tanning products from Fragrance Direct which should be arriving soon - I can see my ventures into the world of fake tanning turning into a bit of a series! Are you interested in seeing beauty (particularly fake tan) reviews on here? 


Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I'm taking full advantage of the sunshine today (which is hitting my face in a really odd way in these photos..) by wearing these cute crochet shorts that I bought from H&M not long ago. I've been wanting to wear them for ages and today was finally the day! I would also like to say a big thank you to Shop Dixi for sending me this lovely little above-the-knuckle ring. I love the way these little rings look and I'm seriously considering buying the gold one too! 


Monday, 25 June 2012

R1 Hackney Weekend

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of going to Radio 1's Hackney Weekend on Hackney Marshes. The weather forecast was terrible but the sun was out for the majority of the festival, and despite the absolute mud bath that was the field we had a brilliant day (and my Dr Martens performed well). Along with the acts photographed above, we saw Tinie Tempah, Florence and the Machine, B.O.B and others, although I must say David Guetta was probably the maddest and therefore my favourite of the day. The event was free which made it all the more special, and it has seriously got me into the festival spirit - bring on Reading! 

Have any of you been/are going to a festival this year?


Friday, 22 June 2012

leopard x2

I wore this ensemble a couple of days ago when the weather was a little more pleasant! I love this playsuit which I bought from H&M a couple of years ago (although I know they still do similar styles) and I couldn't resist teaming it with my creepers - they were made for each other! 
Hello to all my new readers - I've almost reached 500 GFC followers which is extremely exciting, and I'm trying to think of something interesting to giveaway when I reach it - if you have any good ideas then just let me know! I've also added a few new ways of subscribing in the sidebar - Feedburner, Hello Cotton or by email. 
Lastly, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Company magazine for putting me on their website in their 'Week in Style' feature. I'm so incredibly proud to be on the site of such a popular  and all-round amazing magazine, and if you want to have a read of the feature then click here

That's all for today! I'm so happy because yesterday I finished my GCSEs so now I have just over two months of absolute freedom ahead of me. The feeling of having nothing to do is bliss, and I cannot wait to just have an absolutely brilliant summer. Have you got anything exciting planned?


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

anatomicals instant spray tan in a can

Anatomicals 'Tanatomicals' Instant Spray Tan in a Can - ASOS
I recently purchased the humorously titled 'me Tarzan, you Jane. we cheaters instant spray tan in a can' by Anatomicals from ASOS during one of their 'beauty flash sales'. I'd been meaning to try some new tanning products for a while after having using nothing but the Garnier Summer Body to tan myself for the last two years (and seeing as there's no way I could get a real tan in this country at the moment), and after reading one or two reviews on this product I decided to give it a whirl. 
The concept of a spray tan in a can is definitely interesting, and is unlike any of the gels and creams that I'd previously heard of that sounded messy and dangerous. I shook the can and sprayed as instructed in a 'sweeping motion' over the skin. It does say to hold the can approximately 15cm away from the skin which I did try and do, however it was tricky to maintain an even distance so I ended up with a few darker, more concentrated spots where I'd sprayed a little too close! Although the box says there's no need to rub in, I did just use my hand to even out these patches. 
The spray dries almost instantly, and was extremely quick to apply to my legs. I didn't attempt the rest of my body as although the can does have '360 degree spray technology' meaning you can use the can upside down to reach tricky areas, I didn't feel the need to use it on the rest of my body at the time. The tan lastest nicely on my legs for about two days, but now it has gone patchy and will need to be exfoliated off. The colour it gave me was really nice and actually very similar to the colour I go when I tan naturally, but unfortunately it doesn't come in any different colour variations - I just got lucky! 
My verdict on the 'tanatomicals' is that, due to the quick drying nature of the product, it would be perfect for any last minute rushes; perhaps if you weren't expecting to have to tan up for a night out and just quickly want a bit of colour. I'm not exactly sure how long the one can is going to last me so I will be using it sparingly and saving it for these kinds of last minute occasions! It retails for £7 which I think is extremely reasonable for a tanning product, and although I got if for slightly cheaper I would consider paying full price for another one when I run out. I've heard of some similar products on sale in Boots as well, so may give those a go and let you know what I think! As a bit of a fake tan virgin I found this relatively easy to use, so any of you die-hard users will probably find the 'tanatomicals' a doddle! 
I have another fake tanning product lined up to review soon, so I'll let you know how that compares! 

What are your favourite fake tanning products? Do you fancy trying the 'Tanatomicals Instant Spray Tan in a Can'?


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

neon coral

The sun was shining today, so I decided the time was rife to bare my legs once again! I've been dying to wear these ASOS shorts ever since I bought them a month ago, and today the weather finally allowed me to do so. They're not quite as soft as the Topshop ones I wore yesterday, however are more high-waisted and are an absolutely gorgeous 'neon coral' (according to ASOS) shade. I'm not really seeing the neon to be honest, but hey ho who am I to question the powers that be at ASOS? They're going to look great when I finally get a tan and I'm totally infatuated - I cannot get enough of my shorts at the moment! They are definitely my item of choice for the summer - what are you going to be wearing non-stop as the weather heats up? 


Monday, 18 June 2012

blue moon

Freakin' love these pastel lilac/blue shorts that I ordered from Topshop recently. They're lovely and high waisted, don't flash the bum cheeks and are extremely stretchy and comfortable to wear! I may even purchase them in a different colour if my dwindling bank balance will allow! The weather wasn't too bad today so I just teamed them with a plain oversized t-shirt (one of my ten wardrobe essentials) and some sheer tights. The shorts do look far better with bare legs which, as luck would have it, are freshly tanned due to the trial run of a new tanning product I'm going to be reviewing on the blog soon. Watch this space! 


Sunday, 17 June 2012

my ten wardrobe essentials

Primark shirt, Topshop vest, New Look striped top
ASOS cropped top, New Look jumper, New Look shorts
H&M skirt, vintage/DIY denim jacket, Topshop dress
Topshop 'Leigh' jeans
These are what I view as my 'wardrobe essentials' - ten basic items that form the core of my wardrobe and are easy to mix and match, comfortable, simple, and therefore extremely essential!

The blouse: Everybody needs a basic blouse in their wardrobe, be it sheer, white, black, cotton, whatever! They are extremely versatile, and can be worn buttoned up to the neck, undone with a t-shirt underneath, with a skirt for a more formal look or with jeans if you want to look more casual.
The baggy t-shirt: I love big plain t-shirts as they're easy to throw on if you're in a rush, yet always look good. I love this lilac one from Topshop as it also ticks the pastels box, but I recently  bought this white number which is fast becoming a favourite.
The breton tee: Navy and white stripes are timeless and look brilliant with denim. I bought this top from New Look about two years ago and always go back to it. I think that striped three quartered length sleeves are especially flattering. 
The cropped top: Cropped tops are everywhere at the moment, and I absolutely adore them so had to include them in my 'essentials'! This white one goes with absolutely everything, however I also have this peachy Topshop number which I love. They're perfect for summer and look fantastic with high-waisted anything. 
The cable-knit jumper: I lived in this burgundy beauty all through the winter, and know that I will continue to wear it until it literally starts to unravel around me! A chunky jumper is an absolute must (all year round really, if you live in the UK), and I tend to love Topshop's offerings the most however I struck gold with the one shown above - I wouldn't normally go for New Look knitwear as the quality can be questionable!
Denim shorts: These high-waisted 'vintage style' shorts were another rare lucky find from New Look, and they are another versatile and easy to wear item that I live in all year round. I prefer light denim to dark, but any kind of denim short is an absolute must have in my opinion. I have about six pairs and could not live without any of them! 
The black skirt: This black pleated skirt was an absolute steal from H&M last year, and I know that they sold out ridiculously quickly online! Black skirts go with everything and can be dressed down or up with tights or bare legs. This has had it's fair share of outings and has been borrowed by many of my friends - you wouldn't believe it only cost £7.99!
The denim jacket: I'm not a fan of double denim, however love the way this jacket looks with disco/riding pants, patterned shorts or a dress. At the moment I love over-sized denim jackets, although I wouldn't recommend buying them from a high street shop as they can be so overpriced - charity shops are your best bet! I just jazzed it up with a few studs on the colour - DIY post here
The basic dress: I bought this Topshop dress years ago yet it is still a firm favourite of mine. I love the colour, the fit and the length, and it's so easy to throw on with creepers and a jacket and still look 'stylish' (cringe) with minimal effort. 
The jeans: Well everybody needs jeans because they just do, and if you don't own a pair then seriously why the hell not? I don't really have anything else to add.

So that is that! I've also written posts on my makeup and skincare essentials, so if you're interested then please have a read! 
In other news, I have tons of products lined up to review and lots of other ideas for blog posts which I'm very excited about, so you should be seeing a lot more from me in the next few weeks whether you like it or not! 
Hope you're having a lovely weekend.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

palm print

Ladies and possibly gentleman, say hello to the latest addition to my wardrobe - these gorgeous palm print jeans from Motel. I bought them on the Jubilee weekend after seeing a couple of bloggers in them (including Sammi in this video), which worked out brilliantly as Motel had a discount code and free shipping deals on at the time! They are perfect for this weather as they're long enough to keep you warm and dry, yet have a pattern which oozes summer. Also they're extremely high waisted which is so flattering - I absolutely love the new 'Jodie' shape that Motel have released! Also, just a reminder that you can get a 15% discount from Motel with the code in the sidebar! >>
The necklace was sent to me by the lovely Rhi who runs aptly named jewellery store, Jewelrhi. I can't remember if I've worn it in a post before or not, but I thought I would mention her again because her pieces are so lovely and suit me down to a T! (Sorry for the awkward breasticle shot, I was just trying to show the necklace, I promise)..

Hope you're all having a lovely week.


Friday, 8 June 2012


I like to think that I have a varied and versatile heel collection, but it recently came to my attention that nowhere in the great expanse of clutter which makes up my shoe shelves did I have some brightly coloured wedges. I think bright heels are a must, if only to gaze at or put on when you're in need of a confidence boost! But more importantly I adore the way brightly coloured heels look with a plain black or white dress to add that little bit of colour. 
When Linzi offered to send me a pair of shoes from their lovely collection I was spoilt for choice, but chose these because I felt they were the missing link in my shoe collection. Those of you who have read my blog for a while will know that I have worked with Linzi in the past (see here), and really do love their shoes. They constantly have new styles coming in and are a really great, affordable high street brand. I know I'm gushing but seriously, go Linzi.
The colour of the wedges is the perfect shade of coral and despite the sky scraper height (matched with the fact that I'm already pretty tall) I know that I'm going to love and wear these to death, especially in the summer.
So make sure you click on over to Linzi and have a browse or head to a store - you're bound to see something that will tickle your fancy (I personally have my eye on these absolute stunners).


P.S It was my intention to call this post 'wedged'. It isn't me failing at spelling 'wedges'. Just in case any of you were wondering.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

in the navy

THE RIDING PANTS HAVE LANDED. Yes I finally caved and ordered a pair, and boy am I glad I did. They fit like a glove and, despite the fact they are not overly suitable for summer, I know I am going to get endless amounts of wear out of them come the winter. Having said that, if the weather continues as it as at the moment I could be wearing these more than I'd planned throughout the next couple of months! I teamed them with this breton tee from New Look - I bought it ages ago and it's one of those items that I always go back to. If I had to choose ten staple items of clothing from my wardrobe, this would definitely be one of them. In fact, would any of you be interested in a sort of '10 wardrobe essentials' post? 

Hope you're all having a lovely week! 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


This is an outfit from a couple of days ago - I don't think I would've been brave enough to stand outside without sleeves today! It's hard to believe that this time last week I was in the garden in minimal clothing sunning myself, and today I've been piling on layers and turning up the central heating! 
I haven't been dressing particularly patriotically this jubilee weekend, despite the fact that me and my family ventured up to the Thames on Sunday to watch the flotilla. We got there quite late as it was all very last minute (as per), but still managed to get a good view of the Queen and all the royals on board their barge! I'm really glad we went, if only to experience the buzz and excitement of the city on such an important day. 
In other news, my riding pants arrived today! I was so excited when they arrived - it was almost as if they were a surprise present and I hadn't spent a ridiculous amount of money on them! They will without a doubt be in an outfit post near you very soon. 

Have you done anything special for the jubilee?


Friday, 1 June 2012

my foundations

I've never been one to splurge on makeup. Despite going through the odd phase of longing for a MAC offering, I haven't actually tried a high end foundation apart from the odd sample and, to be  perfectly honest, don't plan on doing so in the near future. I know I always say it, but as a teenager with okay-but-can-be-slightly-temperamental skin, I don't feel as if I can justify spending £20+ on a product which will probably just clog up my pores or not suit my oily/combination skin type all together! With that in mind, I prefer to experiment with a few cheaper alternatives, and that way I can take comfort in the knowledge that, if it really doesn't work for my skin, I haven't wasted a ton of money.
The foundations above are the ones I currently have in my collection, and here is a little run down of my thoughts on each.
Firstly, the Rimmel Lasting Finish. I'm not going to sugar coat this at all - it's pretty darn rubbish. I bought this as a slightly more tanned, heavier coverage foundation for nights out but to be honest it just smells like paint, goes on like paint, and doesn't blend nicely at all. The colour is unlike the colour of anybody's skin I've ever seen (it looks a bit grey/green) and although I may give this a couple more tries, I rarely reach for it! This just doesn't work for me in the slightest, oh and it definitely doesn't last for 25 hours - what a claim! 
Next is the No 7 tinted moisturiser. I also have this in the shade 'medium', and tend to mix the two for my normal skin colour but stick to 'medium' in the summer when I have a tan. I haven't tried many tinted moisturisers but really love these so don't feel the need to! It has SPF and is very dewy which is nice for summer, however I do tend to powder a little just so I don't look like an oil slick! The coverage is light but perfect for when you're having a good skin day, and a little bit of concealer over any redness or blemishes is more than enough. For on holiday abroad, I don't bother with foundation and just stick to this trusty moisturiser. I really recommend it, and it's a good one to test out if you've got a £5 off No 7 voucher lurking around in your purse! 
The L'Oreal True Match foundation was my go-to foundation all through the winter and this is actually my second bottle. It's quite matte but not overly so, and I would say it gives a medium but buildable coverage. It's a great match for my skin and, like all of the products above, is very reasonably priced. For somebody who is used to using high end foundations I'm not sure how you'd find it, however for anybody like me who has never ventured out of Boots, I'm sure you'd find this of a good quality! 
Lastly, the famed Healthy Mix! I bought this after reading rave reviews and they were all so right. It's the absolute dream summer foundation - slightly dewy but not too shiny for an oily t-zone like mine, smells absolutely gorgeous, and isn't an overly heavy coverage. This is the best colour match I've ever had in a foundation and after one use I knew that I wouldn't be trying anything else in a hurry. For more in-depth reviews on this then just hit google - there are so many out there that I don't want to write too much as I'm sure the majority of you will have read about it before! 

So that is a (kind of?) brief overview of my foundations. I hope some of you find this useful - I found that when researching good and bad drugstore foundations it was difficult to find reviews as many bloggers tend to stick to more high-end products! 
Just as a little disclaimer, these are my own opinions and this post isn't sponsored. I'm just going on what worked for my skin and my experiences of the products - they may work differently for you! I apply all of these products with a Real Techniques buffing brush.

What is your favourite foundation? What ones, drugstore or otherwise, would you recommend?