Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Despite having received my disco pants almost two months ago for my birthday, this is the first time I have worn them in a blog post! I'm sure they are nothing remotely new to most of you seeing as they have to be one of the most worn items in blog-land, but I will continue to grace you with their shiny spandex presence nevertheless. 
I find them a little tricky to wear day to day mainly due to the shine, however you cannot deny how flattering they are. I love them with creepers at the moment, although have worn them with my vans in the past for a slightly more casual look. 
In other American Apparel-related news, I ordered the navy riding pants last night! I've always said to myself that I will definitely get a pair come winter, but should a discount code come up before then I will just take the plunge. Lo and behold, last night AA announced a 20% off code for one hour only on their Twitter so I was quick to take advantage of it! I know they're overpriced, but I have wanted them for such a long time so it wasn't a total impulse buy! 

What are your thoughts on the disco pants? 


Sunday, 27 May 2012

enrapture encode totem styler

I've always had very straight, flat hair, and have longed for low maintenance, natural, beachy waves for as long as I can remember, especially during the summer months. After lots of research into different products, I decided to purchase this beauty to end all my hair woes - the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler.
I would say Enrapture is a reasonably high end company; similar to GHD but with curling tongs! I hadn't heard of them before my tong hunt, but after reading more rave reviews on this particular product than you could shake a stick at, I decided to just go for it! 
There are three numbered heat settings on the Totem Styler, and you twist the dial to change the temperature of the three sections of the barrel - 3 is a tight curl and 1 is looser. This means with the one tong, you can create many different types of curl. I tend to stick to the combination of 3-1-3 and don't hold my hair in the tong for very long to make sure the curls aren't too defined, however I sometimes change the combination as I move around my head just to make it look very natural. You can achieve so much with this one product and it's really quick and simple to use - certainly worth the money.
These are the first hair tongs I've used but I am over the moon with them, and am seriously considering trying some more products from Enrapture
At the moment, Boots are doing 15% off the Totem Styler so click here to take advantage of the deal whilst it lasts - I strongly recommend that you do! 
I did style my hair with the tongs in this post, however may try and do a more close up photo of the finished result when I next use them (or read this post of Lily's). 

Have any of you tried any Enrapture products? What are your favourite curling tongs? 


Thursday, 24 May 2012


Was sent this gorgeous piece from Yayer the other day, and after seeing Lydia sporting floral fringing in this post I am more than pleased to have had a piece of the action! It's not something I would normally go for, but I'm totally sold and can't wait to wear it with little dresses and denim at the festivals this year - it's something that will be great to throw on to brighten up an outfit.
I really do adore Yayer - it's one of the few websites which I can browse and literally feel as if every single item has my name all over it! I especially love their recent drop of pastel shorts and this dip-dyed dress - to die for. 
Now I know these photos are slightly mediocre quality-wise, but I was so desperate to make the most of this beautiful weather and get an outfit post done! It feels like ages since I have 'properly' blogged, however after one hectic week of seven exams I'm feeling like a weight has been shifted off of my shoulders! I still have 8 more to go but I'm almost half way which is brilliant news, and to be honest I am just loving the sun and cracking out the summer clothes - this is how things should be! Not even exams can dampen my mood.

Hope you're all having a lovely week!


Monday, 21 May 2012


It's no revelation that pastels are going to be huge as the weather heats up, so I've narrowed it down to a few easy-to-wear pieces that will slide effortlessly into your day to day dressing. It's pretty plain to see that my favourite tones are mints, lilacs and peaches, but there are plenty of other options out there. I can't wait to go head-to-toe pastel this summer, however if you're not feeling it then you can always nod to the trend with some pastel nail polish or accessories, like the satchel or belt. 
Now I know that I tend to stick to more affordable items on my blog as I feel that's far more true to what I would buy myself and probably what most teenagers like me can afford, however I could not resist throwing in the classic Cambridge Satchel and these delicious Litas. They are just too divine for words - if any of you fancy donating to my Lita fund then please, feel free! 

Will you be delving into this particular trend this season?


Friday, 18 May 2012

skincare essentials

Hey ladies (and possibly some gents?). Yes, I am still alive, I've just been spending my days and some of my nights revising and cramming and highlighting as much as possible for my GCSE's which begin on Monday! I have approximately 14 exams between now and the end of June so it's not going to be the most exciting few weeks, but the long, lazy summer holidays that follow are going to be the definition of incredible - I have some great plans made already! 
This is just a speedy post to show you some of my skincare essentials - I did a similar one on makeup here. Having unpredictable teenage skin is, of course, a nightmare, but with these products I tend to be able to keep things under control (although I am having an AWFUL skin week at the moment, most probably brought on by exam stress - any miraculous spot remedies would be welcome!). I've also included my favourite self-tanning product - not that I've tried many - which I tend to use in the week leading up to a particular event or occasion at which I want to look nice and sunkissed. I've never actually braved real fake tan - I'm so paranoid of looking streaky! 

Also, I would be extremely grateful if some of you could have a click on the Cosmo banner on the right >> and nominate me for a Cosmo blog award! It would be so exciting to be nominated and I would be so incredibly grateful.

Hopefully I will get the opportunity to do an outfit post this weekend, if I decide to wear something nicer than the sweatshirt and trackies combo I've been sporting all week.. 
Good luck to those of you with revision and exams! 


Saturday, 5 May 2012

hey there delilah

A little while ago, the lovely Antonia offered to send me a few pieces from her online jewellery store, Delilah Dust. I chose the silver tube on gold plated necklace, feather wish bracelet and turquoise skull bracelet, and I really love them! They're so delicate and cute, and are made all the more lovely by the fact that Antonia makes all the pieces by hand which gives it a real personal touch. Make sure you have a browse and pick up a few bits; UK postage is free and she has offered you readers a 10% discount with the code 'BLOGGERS10'.  

In other news, it was my end of year 11 boat party last night and it was absolutely incredible. I wore the shoes, and will try and put up some photos during the week so that you can all have a taste of the evening - if any of you want to have an event and you live in/around London, a Thames boat party is such a good option. It was so strange just sailing past the O2 and the London Eye! 

Hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday weekend! 


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

defying gravity

Despite the fact that I rarely get a chance to wear them, I absolutely love getting new heels. Every single pair that I own is distinct and is unlike any that I already have in my collection; this definitely rings true for the latest addition! On Friday it's our Year 11 end of year party, and these are the beauties that will be gracing my feet. They look impossible to walk in but are surprisingly comfortable and stable - even more so, in fact, than this pair which I have on stand by just in case I chicken out of wearing my Lady-Ga-Ga-eat-your-heart-out-can't-really-call-them-heels heels. They aren't dissimilar to the Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk ones (I will get some real JC shoes eventually if it kills me) - in fact, Simmi do a pretty much identical alternative here
I know these may not be everybody's cup of tea but personally I think they're brilliant, and will definitely be a conversation starter on Friday if nothing else! What do you think of them?