Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Beauty UK, tried and tested

A little while ago, Beauty UK kindly sent me three products from their range (available in Superdrug) to review. 
Firstly, the eyeshadow palette. When I saw this I was slightly worried as I do just tend to wear neutral/nude shades on my eyes! The colours are extremely sheer and not very pigmented (unlike the Sleek palettes), so if you're a little cautious when it comes to eyeshadows this could be a good one to try. Personally I'm not sure if they're just a little too sheer, however this is of course down to personal opinion. I may use this palette for evening eye makeup - it would be possible to mix the shadows with a little water for an added colour boost. I quite like the look of the 'earth child' palette, as the colours are far more up my street! At only £3.99, it's not exactly going to break the bank! 
I was a little more impressed with the lip gloss. It has a nice soft, felty applicator which I haven't seen before on a tube like this. It makes the product really nice and easy to apply, however I'm not sure if it's just going to get clogged up as I continue to use it! The product itself is also lovely - with or without lipstick underneath, it provides a subtle red colour and isn't too sticky or shiny (which is a plus in my books - sticky lip glosses are a no no) and it tastes a little like strawberries which is quite pleasant! I'm not a massive lip gloss wearer, but I will keep this and use it whenever I fancy a bit of shine. 
Lastly, the lipstick. This was the product I was most looking forward to trying, because I adore pink lipsticks! The colour is gorgeous - a real sherbet pink which is extremely wearable. It was a little tricky to apply (I think you get what you pay for) but after a few coats and a little blotting it produces a good coverage - it's not MAC quality but what can you expect for £3.49! It has a minty flavour which I actually quite like, but I know flavoured lipsticks aren't everybody's cup of tea. The packaging for the lipstick is actually surprisingly sleek considering the price and brand, and feels really nice to hold. I'll definitely be wearing this often as the colour is gorgeous, however wouldn't necessarily repurchase due to the questionable quality! 

If you fancy purchasing some Beauty UK products, go to Superdrug or shop online!



Kirsty said...

The colours of the eyeshadows look lush!!

Thanks for your comment on my blog :) Love your blog too followiinnnnng!

rhiannonvic said...

Love the colour of the lipstick, so pretty! xx

Nicola said...

I have the earth child palette and it is amazing, very pigmented and the colors are gorgeous, so defiantly try that out for £3.99.


BeautyGeek_ said...

love this post and also love your blog!!

following it noww:) yay.


x x x x

Never Too Broke For Beauty said...

The lipstick is lovely. I tried one of their mascaras a while back and was really disappointed but I think I'll revisit their range and give the lipsticks a try x

.sabo skirt. said...

Beautiful lipstick...

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PennyLaneLover said...

Didn't realise the Lipsticks were that nice, will have to check it out now :)


Charlotte said...

You look gorgeous and the lipstick really suits you! X

Fashion Translated said...

Love the colour combinations -- gorgeous palette!

Fashion Translated

Ruby C. said...

nice blog, i follow you xoxo

WOLF359 said...

The colour of that lipstick looks so good on you! Really cute!

fatihin24.com/ said...

The colour of that lipstick looks so good on you! Really cute!