Monday, 30 January 2012

rainy days and mondays

I absolutely adore the colour of this jumper - a gorgeous burst of orange on an otherwise grey day! I couldn't resist throwing my favourite sheer shirt from none other than Primark under there, just to take a stab at the colour blocking trend (although I think I'm a season behind)! These shorts were a sale purchase from New Look and are quite similar to the ones I've worn before here and  here however in a slightly darker wash; you know how I love to change it up! Jokes apart, I probably do need to hold back on the shorts purchases - my collection is spiraling slightly out of control! 
Predictably I'm wearing my trusty converse with this little ensemble, but they're just so comfy and easy to throw on and although they are not particularly ~stylish~ sometimes practicality comes first - despite what I may sometimes say, Dr Martens aren't the best shoes for just nipping to the end of the road in! 

And on that bombshell, I will leave you. Hope you all have a lovely week.


Saturday, 28 January 2012

spot on

I've had this dress for longer than I can recall, and love to dig it out from time to time. I don't think I've purchased anything in Next before or since, but I seem to remember having some vouchers to spend, so this was my garment of choice! I find skater style dresses really flattering on all body shapes, and I'm chuffed that they're starting to make a comeback - in my opinion Missguided and Boohoo have the best variety. Teamed it with my trusty Docs and a denim jacket - two wardrobe staples I just couldn't live without! 

In other news, I'm planning on buying a vintage denim jacket to stud - would any of you be interested in seeing a DIY?


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

faking it

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I've been obsessing over getting a pair of JC Lita lookalikes for a little while now, and with the extra money I've saved from my spending ban and a few parties coming up I've decided that February will be the month! I've narrowed it down to these offerings from Missguided and Boohoo (also love these beauties from Linzi but they're a little over my price limit), but am torn between suede (slightly more suitable for evening), wooden heel (a little more casual) and pleather (very authentic). Whichever ones I go for, I will only be wearing them in the evening as I think heels during the day at my age is slightly wannabe, but I cannot pick for the life of me. Opinions? 


Sunday, 22 January 2012


A little while ago Yayer sent me this gorgeous jumper from their modern collection, and boy did it come in handy today - it has been so cold! It's a really soft, thick crochet knit and is extremely over-sized with batwing sleeves. I love chunky knits and have acquired quite a collection of jumpers this winter however nothing black or in this style, so it was a welcome addition! I definitely recommend having a browse over at Yayer - the way they style everything is right up my street and to my taste! I particularly love their dresses, and they stock some fantastic vintage pieces too. 
I teamed the jumper with these Forever 21 shorts that I bought in the summer and my Linzi creepers that I posted about here. These shorts are stretchy and so comfortable, and you know me - if it's high waisted then I'll take it! 

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

oh happy days

Yes, I'm aware that the photo on the top left is slightly out of focus and that it's incredibly annoying (trust me, I'm a perfectionist and it is irritating the hell out of me), but we didn't have time to take many photos today so unfortunately just had to make do with what I had! 
These shorts make regular appearances on my blog, but I love the wash and the vintage feel to them. They're truly wonderful and the fact that they're from New Look of all places just pleases me even more! I also wear this velvet Diesel jacket 90% of my life. I got it at a car boot sale for roughly £5 and it has to be one of my favourite items of clothing. Got to love a good bargain! On the subject of bargains, this belt was also £5 reduced from £28 in the Christmas sales. That was a happy day. 

In other news, I've noticed a sudden influx of followers over the last few hours which I know is thanks to Jess, and her mentioning of me in this video as one of her 'Bloggers of the Month' on her Youtube channel, SuperBeautyNerd. I'm so grateful for the mention, and thank you to everyone who has watched her video and decided to have a read of my blog! If you haven't already, make sure you check out her channel as she makes fantastic videos.

So that's all for today - more tomorrow on my gorgeous new jumper from Yayer


Thursday, 19 January 2012

my favourite lipsticks

Haven't done a beauty-related post in a little while, so thought the time was rife! These are my four favourite lipsticks at the moment - they range wildly from Natural Collection to MAC, which kind of proves that in places like MAC you often pay for the brand name, the packaging and the hype, and not necessarily for a high quality product!
Marquise D' is the only MAC lipstick I own, and is from the Wonder Woman collection. Despite what I just said about packaging, I really do think that the graphics add to this product - I know it's a little loud for some people but personally I love it. The lipstick itself is a lustre finish, and is a really nice neutral shade for everyday wear. 
The Natural Collection lipstick is in 'Rose Bud', and I mentioned it in my 'favourite products of 2011' post. It's really moisturising and is pretty much my lip colour but better. I just love it, and for £1.99 you can't complain.
Also mentioned Revlon's Pink Pout in my '2011 favourites' post. It's a lovely matte pink, and the shade and finish are absolutely perfect in my opinion. It's slightly towards the pricier end of the drugstore however is totally worth it, and if you haven't tried any Revlon lipsticks then you should definitely give them a go. I also love 'Really Red' from the same collection. 
'Asia' is a nice, slightly darker shade that I have really enjoyed wearing this winter. Rimmel London lipsticks are great as they're quite cheap and there's a wide variety of shades. This is quite similar to 'Rose Bud', however is just a little deeper. 

What are your favourite lipsticks? What are your opinions on brands such as MAC? 


Tuesday, 17 January 2012



When I first heard that Linzi were stocking creepers, I just knew I had to have a pair. I have been a massive fan of the site for a while, and those of you who read my old blog will know that I have purchased things from them in the past, both in store and online, including these wedges in leopard print and these loafers. After a few excited tweets and emails, the lovely ladies at Linzi agreed to send me a pair, and boy am I glad that they did. 
I've always loved the way creepers looked but have never been brave enough to go for the real deal, so these are a perfect, slightly more subtle middle ground. They're really light and pretty comfy, and I really like the buckle and the brogue-ish detail on the front. Originally, when I looked on the site, I had my eye on these lace up ones, in particular the leopard pony skin, however these look much better 'in person' and on than they do in a photograph! This said, I may still purchase the others in the future! 
You should all be sure to check out Linzi, and if you're not a fan of ordering online than they do have a few stores dotted around. I know this is technically a sponsored post, however I wasn't obliged to write a good review about the shoes (read my full disclaimer here). I genuinely am a huge fan of Linzi and have been for a while now, and really want to promote them as I think they're fab! 

Also, I reached 200 readers on GFC today which makes me extremely happy! I've only been blogging here for just over a month so to have had such a good response is overwhelming. My aim is to get to 500 by the end of 2012, so any assistance would be much appreciated! Thank you to each and every one of you! 


Sunday, 15 January 2012

lurking in the shadows

This is such a girly outfit for me - as a rule I'm not a massive skirt wearer (however I'm trying to get back into them), and teamed with a peachy pink top and a necklace I'm feeling extremely feminine! 
I bought the collar necklace in the Topshop sale a few weeks back, and was really chuffed as I had eyed it up full price but begrudged paying £14 for a necklace. I think collar necklaces look lovely, and these glittery ones from Dolly Bow Bow are especially gorgeous.
I would like to apologise for my brother's shadow lurking around on me in these photos - we took them early this morning before we went out and the sun was low in the sky, bloody winter. It was also in my eyes, hence the squint! When will summer be here?! 


Saturday, 14 January 2012



Quite a casual one for me today, but we can't all get dolled up every day! Had to go out this morning but apart from that have just been at home revising for my spanish exam on monday - just doing the obligatory panic vocab cram like everybody else! 
I'm not a huge fan of these photos (hello ugly awkward grimace) but I just really wanted to post something and I thought everything bar my neck upwards was okay! This is the first time I've worn this fur stole that I got for Christmas, and I'm still a little undecided about it. I think I preferred H&M's longer versions but I don't think they stock them anymore, sob. Even if they do I wouldn't know, because due to my spending ban I haven't been to the shops at all recently!
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, and that those of you in the UK aren't dreading the possible snow as much as I am!


Thursday, 12 January 2012

my money saving masterplan

Some of you will have seen my tweets about my new money-saving scheme, involving me abstaining from spending any money on clothes/shoes/makeup etc in January. I thought I would do a quick post telling you all about my latest attempt at curbing my spending, whilst at the same time showing you all of the things I so desperately desire (and will eventually have my hands on) at the moment! 
I know you're probably thinking that taking all the items I need in my life and (not so) artfully arranging them in Polyvore isn't the most productive thing to do when trying to save money, but I beg to differ. This month, I am not spending ANY money on clothing, jewellery, shoes, makeup, or anything else that falls close to these categories. Every time I spot something that I think I need to buy, I write it on a list with the price next to it. If I still want the things from the list next month it means that they were not just items that I wanted on a whim, and I will purchase them (or at least some of them) because I will not only have February's money, but this month's too. I have already ticked countless things off of my list that I've realised I do not actually need, but merely stumbled across in a moment of weakness and, had I not been on a spending ban, would no doubt have bought on the spur of the moment!
I may not do this every single month as I know the odd impulse buy is good and that not every purchase can be planned out a month ahead, however when I feel as if I need to get in control and reign it in a little, I will revert back to this little plan. 
As I'm only fifteen (but oh so nearly sixteen and job-worthy, FINALLY) I don't get an income and so find it a lot harder to feed my fashion appetite (had to throw in a cliche somewhere, sorry!). Therefore, I feel like saving for certain things means that I can go for quality, instead of just buying cheap items because I want something new and only have £10 left in my bank account! 
Things I definitely know I will be purchasing when February rolls around are the Missguided JC Lita dupes (but I don't know if I prefer these ones.. let me know your opinions in the comments!), the MUA palette and the Sleek blush. As for the Disco Pants, perhaps I should just wait until my birthday.. 


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

my favourite makeup products of 2011

I know this post is extremely overdue as it's already the 10th day of 2012, however I've read similar posts on many blogs and love seeing what products others swear by, so thought some of you may appreciate seeing mine! As you can tell, all of my makeup is drugstore (bar two MAC products, scandal) as I hate spending ridiculous amounts of money on makeup when decent products are available in Boots and Superdrug for a fraction of the price! So anyway, here is a list of all the products and the reasons why they're my favourites:

Revlon nail enamel in 'Facets of Fuchsia - a recent and welcome addition to my collection, and an absolutely beautiful shade.
Models Own 'Silver Fox' - a stunning silver glitter polish, with the slight negative that it's a complete bugger to get off!
Boots 17 blusher in 'First Kiss' - my favourite powder blusher; a lovely natural pink with a subtle shimmer.
MAC eyeshadow in 'Dazzlelight' - one of my favourite shadows for everyday, as it brightens up my eye and stays put almost all day.
L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes mascara - a nice fat brush for plenty of volume, which is what I love in a mascara! Onto my third bottle and can't see myself trying any others. 
Natural Collection lipstick in 'Rose Bud' - extremely moisturising and basically my lip colour but better. I know some of the Natural Collection products can be a bit cheap and nasty, but this really is one of my favourite lipsticks for day to day! 
Maybelline New York Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner - I absolutely swear by this liner, and wear it every day without fail. I bought it a while ago and am still on my first one as it lasts for ever, and it even comes with a brush so you don't need to worry about finding the right one. I've tried so many liners but this is by far the best, and I will never turn back! 
Topshop cream blush in 'Flush' - annoyingly Topshop have discontinued this shade now, however it's my favourite blush as it's quite matte and is just a gorgeous natural colour. Will definitely be getting some more of these blushes soon as I've hit pan on mine, sob. 
Boots 17 eyeshadow trio in 'Barely There' - I wear at least one of these colours every day without fail. I love it mainly due to the brown, as it's perfect for wearing in the crease for a little natural definition without being really dark and dramatic. These are perfect for school as they're not too shimmery and obvious, just perfection. 
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer in 'medium' - I think just about every blogger swears by this concealer! I haven't tried many but I don't see why I need to after discovering this bad boy. Covers up everything, and is so inexpensive; perfect for any total cheap skates like me! 
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 'Pink Pout' (matte) - my absolute favourite lipstick by far. I've had this for ages now, but have recently noticed it becoming increasingly popular amongst bloggers and in my opinion rightly so! It's matte without being drying, and is the perfect pink for every day wear. Every single one of you needs to purchase this lipstick, or else.
ELF Studio Powder Brush - love the ELF Studio brushes, as they're cheap but high quality. I use this every single day for my foundation. 
ELF Studio Eyeshadow 'c' Brush - perfect for applying a wash of colour over the eyelid. Another brush that I reach for every single day.

Things that didn't quite make it but deserve a mention: L'Oreal Paris True Match foundation, ELF Studio Stipple Brush, Rimmel London Stay Matte pressed powder, Boots 17 Photo Flawless primer, Sleek 'Storm' palette


Sunday, 8 January 2012


My love for leopard print is quite literally endless. I tweeted about these gorgeous Jordie shorts the other week and Motel kindly offered to send them to me - I was so happy! On the site they look extremely high waisted, however as I'm quite tall and long-legged nothing ever comes up as high on my waist as it should. Despite this, they're lovely and comfy to wear (stretchy denim, yes please) and they're leopard print so in my eyes this discounts any sizing issues! I'm looking forward to wearing these bad boys with bare legs when the weather heats up (will it ever), and have also got my eyes on these lacy ones - perfect with bare legs and docs on a summers evening. I can't believe I'm already thinking about my summer wardrobe, but I much prefer summer dressing to winter! 
In other news, I have a few makeup related posts planned for the week. I know this is supposed to be a ~fashion~ blog, but I've been really getting into makeup recently so just fancy a bit of variation! It's just my latest fad, no doubt I'll have moved on to something else within the next week or two!

Don't forget to check out Motel, especially their sale - there are some fantastic buys to be had. You can get 15% off of your purchase with the discount code in the right sidebar. Happy shopping! 


Friday, 6 January 2012

photo montage


I was extremely bored the other day, so decided to take some photos in/around my bedroom (obviously the first one is an exception). I don't think of myself as much of a photographer, but enjoy getting a little snap-happy every now and again as much as the next person! Enjoy!


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Beauty UK, tried and tested

A little while ago, Beauty UK kindly sent me three products from their range (available in Superdrug) to review. 
Firstly, the eyeshadow palette. When I saw this I was slightly worried as I do just tend to wear neutral/nude shades on my eyes! The colours are extremely sheer and not very pigmented (unlike the Sleek palettes), so if you're a little cautious when it comes to eyeshadows this could be a good one to try. Personally I'm not sure if they're just a little too sheer, however this is of course down to personal opinion. I may use this palette for evening eye makeup - it would be possible to mix the shadows with a little water for an added colour boost. I quite like the look of the 'earth child' palette, as the colours are far more up my street! At only £3.99, it's not exactly going to break the bank! 
I was a little more impressed with the lip gloss. It has a nice soft, felty applicator which I haven't seen before on a tube like this. It makes the product really nice and easy to apply, however I'm not sure if it's just going to get clogged up as I continue to use it! The product itself is also lovely - with or without lipstick underneath, it provides a subtle red colour and isn't too sticky or shiny (which is a plus in my books - sticky lip glosses are a no no) and it tastes a little like strawberries which is quite pleasant! I'm not a massive lip gloss wearer, but I will keep this and use it whenever I fancy a bit of shine. 
Lastly, the lipstick. This was the product I was most looking forward to trying, because I adore pink lipsticks! The colour is gorgeous - a real sherbet pink which is extremely wearable. It was a little tricky to apply (I think you get what you pay for) but after a few coats and a little blotting it produces a good coverage - it's not MAC quality but what can you expect for £3.49! It has a minty flavour which I actually quite like, but I know flavoured lipsticks aren't everybody's cup of tea. The packaging for the lipstick is actually surprisingly sleek considering the price and brand, and feels really nice to hold. I'll definitely be wearing this often as the colour is gorgeous, however wouldn't necessarily repurchase due to the questionable quality! 

If you fancy purchasing some Beauty UK products, go to Superdrug or shop online!