Saturday, 10 December 2011

something in the way she moves

Jacket - Levi/Shirt - Primark/Vest - H&M/High waisted leggings - Topshop/Belt - Topshop/Boots 
- Topshop/Bracelet - Topshop/Ring - Dorothy Perkins

The post title is a line from the song 'Something' by the Beatles - one of my all time favourite bands and a song that I'm pretty much playing on repeat after seeing Paul McCartney play live at the O2 Arena on Monday evening. Stupidly nobody in my family thought to take a camera (oh so typical) so you will just have to imagine the utter amazingness that was Paul's performance. As if to top off the whole evening, the old classic music mogul that I am was ecstatic when Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood wandered on stage to accompany Paul for a few songs - words cannot describe!
I'm wearing my new Topshop 'leggings' that I know I am going to live in this winter. I know a lot of people can be funny about bloggers wearing leggings and not covering up their bum, but to be honest these are so thick and high quality that I would hardly consider them leggings - they're no thicker/thinner than the Leigh jeans that Topshop sell. I love how they're high waisted, and have been wearing them like I would a pair of American Apparel disco pants (want these so bad). Just for the record, bought this denim jacket while on holiday in Florida last year - I'm not usually one to splash out on brands such as Levi but with the exchange rate being so good at the time, it would have been rude not to have bought it ;)
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Megan. said...

Really like the shirt! I always forget to look in Primark for things like this, always tend to get all the basics from there instead. Lovely outfit here though! :) xxxx

Danielle said...

You look gorgeous! I love your jacket, I splurged on some Levi goodies in America too! The jeans don't fit me anymore, I'm so annoyed now! Paul McCartney sounds incredible :-).

Ife. said...

What size did you get your levi jacket in? Ive got my eye on one on ebay, but im not sure whether it'll come out really big or not. Its in a Medium so what do you think?? Lovely outfit btw x

Mo said...

I love this outfit, the shirt and jacket look great on you and I love the topshop boots.
I think if you can pull of leggings then why not wear them as trousers? You look fab in them anyway. x

carmen xo said...

you look beautiful! love the shirt and jacket together xx

Rose said...

oh I LOVE this outfit! might have to take some inspiration from it x said...

Yep, it looks really good! I would like to have an opportunity to change my wardrobe as fast as I can change my mind.