Sunday, 11 December 2011

models own, tried and tested

Silver Fox, Gold Rush and Magenta Pearl

As those of you who read this post will know, I went to the Clothes Show Live last week and bought myself some Models Own goodies with the incredible '3 polishes of your choice and 12 other random products for £10' deal they had going on exclusively for the show. As I mentioned in my post about the Clothes Show, I wasn't overly bothered about the extra things and really just wanted the nail polishes, however thought I would show you the extra bits and bobs anyway, and share my thoughts with you. 
These are the first Models Own nail varnishes I've ever bought, and as Models Own are more famed for their nail products I was keen to test them out. I haven't tried Gold Rush yet (although it does look gorgeous and festive) however I did wear Magenta Pearl with Silver Fox over the top at the weekend (you can just catch a glimpse in this post) and absolutely love them both. The best thing about these in my opinion is the quick drying speed. Silver Fox is especially great because after two coats you have a solid, glittery nail with no gaps  - to be honest I don't think I needed to put a colour underneath! I will definitely be purchasing more Models Own polishes, and they have completely lived up to my high expectations. 
Unfortunately the other products haven't impressed me quite so much. The Grow-Fast Mascara certainly makes my eyelashes look bigger, but it's quite clumpy so I have to use another mascara  or an eyelash separator afterwards to unclog my lashes. It's also quite liquidy, so when I take it off it smudges down my cheeks and makes such a mess! Despite all this, I have been using it regularly along with a few others, because I'm desperate for a new mascara and can't bring myself to buy another Volume Million Lashes because it's so pricey - if any of you know of any good but cheaper alternatives then please let me know in the comments! 
I also tried the lipstick and quite like the formula however I'm not sure if the colour is for me. Mine is in Nude which I'm sure will come in handy, however I wouldn't necessarily go for this shade if I were to choose for myself. A lip gloss in Red Hot was also included - the colour and the gloss seem to have separated so only clear gloss comes out..strange. I also got the retractable lip brush which, unlike some of the other 'freebies', I actually really like! It's a really nifty design, and there's a little lid so that you don't get lip product all over the inside of your makeup bag - so handy. 
The last of the extras that I've actually opened and tried is the Hi-Definer Pro Eyeliner. It seemed to sting a little on application which I'm not sure is due to my sensitive eyes and the fact that I'd just used makeup wipes on them before putting on the liner, or a common side effect of the product. The brush is really easy to use and I'm sure I would wear it more often if I wasn't completely smitten with my L'Oreal Paris gel eyeliner that I absolutely swear by! It would take a pretty incredible eyeliner to make my loyalties change!
So that's that, a little round up of some of the Models Own bits I tried and tested. I'll probably just stick to the nail products from now on (got my eye on the new Beetle Juice collection or some more glitter polishes), however I'm glad I've tried the other products; I'm sure I'll still use some of them as I hate to be wasteful! I'm yet to open the two eye shadows and the eye pencils as I don't tend to wear bright colours on my eyes, so may throw these in to my giveaway; it ends on Friday so make sure you spread the word and get your entries in, details here. Good luck!



A little about Ayla said...

Just incase anyone is considering buying these, I'm sure boots have a deal on at the moment. Something like buy 2 nail paints and get Gold Rush for free. I can't remember, I just know it involves getting the gold for free!

.sabo skirt. said...

Wow!... We adore all of these!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

Mozzypop said...

What a bargain bundle!

Absolutely love here glitter polishes Models Own do, have to say!

Dayner x my blog -

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